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Doing Environmental Ethics

Doing Environmental Ethics

2nd Edition
July 2012
Trade Paperback · 400 Pages
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ISBN 9780813347417
Westview Press

Part One: Ethics and Science
1. Moral Philosophy: An Adventure in Reasoning
2. Ethics and Science: Moral Consideration
3. Ethics and Economics: The Common Good

Part Two: Constructing and Testing Ethical Presumptions
4. Duty: Nature and Future Generations
5. Character: Ecological Virtues
6. Relationships: Empathy and Integrity
7. Rights: Humans and Animals?
8. Consequences: Predicting the Future


Part Three: Learning from Nature
9. Ecological Living: Sustainable Consumption
10. Environmental Policy: Governments, Corporations, NGOs
11. Air and Water: A Healthy Environment
12. Agriculture: Land and Life
13. Managing Public Land: Adaptive Management
14. Urban Ecology: Building Green
15. Climate Change: Global Warming