Political Worlds of Women

Political Worlds of Women

Activism, Advocacy, and Governance in the Twenty-First Century
February 2012
Trade Paperback · 448 Pages
$42.00 U.S. · $48.50 CAN · £27.99 U.K. · €29.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813344959
Westview Press

Praise for Political Worlds of Women by Mary Hawkesworth

“Mary Hawkesworth has given us an amazing gift: a truly global exploration of women activists' thinking and strategizing that never slips into bland generalization. Political Worlds of Women shows us how densely rich and locally rooted feminist activist experience has been, from Nigeria to Pakistan, from the US to France. Here is a book we'll all be assigning to our students for years to come.” —Cynthia Enloe, author of The Curious Feminist

“Broad in its scope, radical in its theory and careful in its scholarship, Political Worlds of Women offers a truly transformative synthesis of global gender politics. Hawkesworth's integrative vision encompasses both the conventional institutional narratives of political science and the most challenging insights of transnational feminism. She brilliantly rethinks familiar concepts like identity politics and embodied citizenship, challenges the divisions among comparative politics, international relations, and theory, and provides a wealth of empirical detail about women's raced-gendered realities around the world. This book offers insights to the seasoned feminist scholar no less than to students in their first course in gender and politics.” —Myra Marx Ferree, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Political Worlds of Women is new and refreshing; a clear departure from current gender and politics textbooks. Mary Hawkesworth combines cross-national and global transnational perspectives without getting mired down into focusing on a specific set of countries or regions. She takes an 'intersectional' approach showing how gender has been intertwined with race/ethnicity, sexuality, class in the unfolding of politics and democratic development throughout the globe. A perfect book to adopt for gender and politics courses in the 21st century!!” —Amy G. Mazur, Washington State University

“Political Worlds of Women is a forceful and comprehensive account of the dynamic intersection of gender and race and the embodiment of power in contemporary global politics. It is a must read!” —Dr. Janine Brodie, University of Alberta

“Political Worlds of Women deepens understandings of national and global citizenship and presents the formidable challenges facing racial and gender justice in the contemporary world. It is an essential resource for students and scholars of women’s studies and gender politics.” —SirReadaLot