Doing Gender Diversity

Doing Gender Diversity

Readings in Theory and Real-World Experience
1st Edition
August 2009
Trade Paperback · 576 Pages
$59.00 U.S. · $68.00 CAN · £39.99 U.K. · €41.99 E.U.
ISBN 9780813344379
Westview Press

“This is an excellent anthology that will encourage undergraduate students to think critically about gender diversity. It will be useful for faculty members teaching social science courses about gender or women's studies and who want to have a rich collection of readings about gender in micro- and macro-contexts. Students will enjoy and learn from the readings in this new anthology." —Teaching Sociology

“Finally, the quintessential collection of Gender and Sexuality Studies readings. Plante and Maurer have brought together an interdisciplinary reader that spans the breadth of the field. Their astute selection of essays, based on first person narratives, scholarly empirical studies and theoretical articles, is a fundamental addition to anyone's library.” —Lisa Jean Moore, Purchase College, State University of New York

“In Doing Gender Diversity, Plante and Maurer have assembled an outstanding collection of readings that explore the cultural construction and personal negotiation of gender by looking at diversity in practices and performances. Avoiding the trap of presenting gender diversity as ‘freaks on parade,’ they compile works examining normative and non-normative ways of embodying gender in the context of hegemonic ideologies of gender. While US-focused, this reader incorporates a diverse selection of classic theoretical works, contemporary empirical analyses, and first-person narratives and provides an excellent foundation for undergraduate explorations of the diverse ways of ‘doing’ gender.” —Erin Calhoun Davis, Cornell College

“Plante and Maurer’s Doing Gender Diversity is a highly innovative anthology that critically examines unexplored and taken for granted aspects of gender normalcy and gender privilege. This reader is a comprehensive collection of classical and contemporary works that is a must-read for a diversity of gender scholars across multiple fields.” —Sharon E. Preves, Hamline University

“Plante and Maurer have brought together a collection that recognizes and wrestles with the diversity that characterizes contemporary gender studies, identity, and expression. Doing Gender Diversity is a well-considered text that promises to advance students’ theoretical and empirical understandings of gender, race, class, and sexuality.” —Jessica Fields, San Francisco State University

"This deeply thought-provoking collection of new and classic essays is a must for students of gender and genders in all their complexities." —Peggy J. Kleinplatz, University of Ottawa

“The timing is apt for a collection of this nature to emerge in feminist studies….By combining theory with real-life explorations, students are able to see the applied nature of some concepts that could otherwise seem diffuse and daunting to the academician in training. Doing Gender Diversity: Readings in Theory and Real-World Experience seems to embody the zeitgeist regarding recent feminist texts.” —Sex Roles

“The interdisciplinary collection provides valuable resources for challenging students in women and gender studies, sociology, and psychology courses to think more critically about gender variations.” –Psychology of Women Quarterly