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November 2011

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Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1

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Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1
Enhance Your 3D Renders!—Previz, Texturing and Post-Production

by Andrzej Sykut

Whatever 3D software artists use, Photoshop remains a key tool throughout the production pipeline. The techniques presented in Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1 are intended to show how 2D techniques can be seamlessly blended into the 3D production pipeline, resulting in a high quality image and a versatile and streamlined workflow.

Photoshop for 3DArtists: Volume 1 offers students the chance to learn from a variety of top professionals, such as Andrzej Sykut, Fabio M. Ragonha and Zoltan Korcsok, who willingly share the latest cutting edge techniques, and the tricks that they have developed over years of working in the 3D industry.

With more than 25 step-by-step tutorials, which include screen shots to illustrate key learning points, Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1 is an excellent learning tool to accompany any 3D design course. The tutorials cover a variety of different subjects, from the initial concept stage through to post-production. Pre-viz and concepts are explored, showing the advantages of using Photoshop to plan and visualize projects. Combining library images in Photoshop to create custom textures is also featured, as well as how Photoshop can be used as an efficient alternative to lengthy render tests by focusing on compositing passes, adding particle effects, improving light and color adjustments. These post-production techniques are becoming increasingly popular within the industry as Photoshop becomes a more powerful and time-saving tool, enabling almost every 3D artist to enhance their final renders.

With the expertise of the individual contributors, who provide clearly written tutorials and work-in-progress images, Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1 is a timeless resource that beginners will turn to over and over again.

About the Artists

Contributing artists for this book include:

Fabio M Ragonha: From Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fabio started in 3D five years ago, after working as a web designer in advertising. He currently works for a company creating spots for TV; before which he was working at Fabio did a stint working freelance, and still accepts freelance projects. His area of expertise is character creation and illustration.

Zoltan Korcsok: An artist from Budapest, Hungary, where he has been living since he was born –all of Zoltan’s memories connect to the city. After college he took a course to become a DTP operator –CG was just a hobby until 2002. He never thought he would be a 3D artist 12 years ago, but he is very happy and proud that he is.

Richard Tilbury: Richard Tilbury has had a passion for drawing since being a couple of feet tall. After studying Fine Art, he was eventually led into the realm of computers several years ago. Rich's brushes have slowly been dissolving in white spirit since the late nineties and now his graphics tablet has become their successor. He still sketches regularly and now balances his time between 2D and 3D, although drawing will always be closest to his heart.

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