Business and Economics: Leadership

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Guide to Organisation Design
(2nd Edition)
Stanford, Naomi 9781610395397 Trade Paperback The Economist 4/28/2015
Business Strategy
The Economist 9781610394765 Trade Paperback The Economist 4/28/2015
Great Disruption, The
The Economist 9781610395076 Trade Paperback The Economist 4/14/2015
Moment You Can't Ignore, The
O'Connor, Malachi 9781610394659 Hardcover PublicAffairs 10/7/2014
Managing Talent
Devine, Marion 9781610393836 Hardcover The Economist 3/4/2014
(1st Edition)
Head, Simon 9780465018444 Hardcover Basic Books 2/11/2014
Economist Guide to Financial Management (2nd Ed), The
The Economist 9781610393935 Trade Paperback The Economist 1/28/2014
Uncommon Sense, Common Nonsense
Goddard, Jules 9781846686023 Trade Paperback Profile Books 12/10/2013
Q-Loop, The
Klapper, Brian 9781937134525 Hardcover Bibliomotion 5/7/2013
Introducing Management
Price, David 9781848314016 Trade Paperback Icon Books 10/16/2012
New Sustainability Advantage, The
Willard, Bob 9780865717121 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 4/10/2012
Steve Jobs Way, The
Elliot, Jay 9781593157104 Trade Paperback Vanguard Press 4/3/2012
Management Basics in Easy Steps
Rossiter, Tony 9781840784275 Trade Paperback In Easy Steps Limited 2/7/2012
Co-Active Coaching
Kimsey-House, Henry 9781857885675 Trade Paperback Nicholas Brealey America 9/16/2011
Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager
Latham, Gary 9780891063988 Trade Paperback Davies-Black 6/16/2011
Building the Learning Organization
Marquardt, Michael 9781904838326 Trade Paperback Nicholas Brealey 6/16/2011
Fish Rots from the Head, The
Garratt, Bob 9781846683299 Trade Paperback Profile Books 2/15/2011
Employees First, Customers Second
Nayar, Vineet 9781422139066 Hardcover Harvard Business Press 6/8/2010
Emotional Branding
Gobe, Marc 9781581156720 Trade Paperback Allworth Press 2/9/2010
Business Coaching in Easy Steps
Poole, Jon 9781840783841 Trade Paperback In Easy Steps Limited 11/17/2009
Managing Transitions
Bridges, William 9780738213804 Trade Paperback Da Capo Lifelong Books 9/22/2009
Evaluation in Organizations
Russ-Eft, Darlene 9780465018666 Trade Paperback Basic Books 9/1/2009
Coaching for Performance
Whitmore, John 9781857885354 Trade Paperback Nicholas Brealey 5/14/2009
When Cultures Collide, Third Edition
Lewis, Richard 9781904838029 Trade Paperback Nicholas Brealey 9/29/2005
Next Sustainability Wave, The
Willard, Bob 9780865715325 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 4/1/2005
Working GlobeSmart
Gundling, Ernest 9781904838258 Trade Paperback Nicholas Brealey 7/16/2003
Workshop Book, The
Stanfield, R. Brian 9780865714700 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 12/1/2002
Art of Focused Conversation, The
Stanfield, R. Brian 9780865714168 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 4/1/2000