Art and Architecture: Graphic Design

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Patterns, Costumes & Stencils
Avedissian, Chant 9780863566790 Trade Paperback Saqi Books 4/1/2009
Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1
Sykut, Andrzej 9780955153037 Trade Paperback 3DTotal Publishing 6/7/2011
Reproduce and Revolt
MacPhee, Josh 9780979663611 Trade Paperback Soft Skull Press 5/1/2008
Rivers Forgotten
Kai, Jeremy 9780986873959 Trade Paperback Koyama Press 12/1/2011
Design Management
Borja de Mozota, Brigitte 9781581152838 Trade Paperback Allworth Press 8/1/2003
Graphic Designer's Guide to Pricing, Estimating, and Budgeting, The
Williams, Theo Stephen 9781581157130 Trade Paperback Allworth Press 6/29/2010
Elements of Graphic Design, The
White, Alex W. 9781581157628 Trade Paperback Allworth Press 3/15/2011
Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers
Bruck, Eva Doman 9781621532491 Trade Paperback Allworth Press 7/1/2013
From a Basement in Seattle
Klausen, Brad 9781936070671 Trade Paperback Akashic Books 12/7/2010
Web Design Source Book
Campos, Cristian 9788492810420 Trade Paperback Promopress 10/16/2012
Illustration Unzipped
Schonlau, Julia 9788492810611 Trade Paperback Promopress 1/15/2013
Everyone is a Designer
Gerritzen, Mieke 9789063692278 Trade Paperback BIS Publishers 8/1/2010
The Designer as…
McCarthy, Steven 9789063692926 Trade Paperback BIS Publishers 8/13/2013
Know Your Onions: Web Design
de Soto, Drew 9789063693121 Trade Paperback BIS Publishers 4/1/2014
Very Casual
DeForge, Michael 9780987963079 Trade Paperback Koyama Press 4/30/2013
Graphic Designer's Guide to Clients, The
Shapiro, Ellen 9781621534013 Trade Paperback Allworth Press 4/1/2014
Little Tommy Lost: Book One
Closser, Cole 9781927668016 Trade Paperback Koyama Press 9/3/2013
Blobby Boys
Schubert, Alex 9781927668023 Trade Paperback Koyama Press 9/3/2013
By This Shall You Know Him
Jacobs, Jesse 9780986873980 Trade Paperback Koyama Press 5/5/2012
S.F. #3
Smith, Ryan 9781927668009 Trade Paperback Koyama Press 11/5/2013
Full of Characters
Alavedra, Inma 9788492810352 Trade Paperback Promopress 2/26/2013
Know Your Onions—Graphic Design
Soto, Drew 9789063692582 Trade Paperback BIS Publishers 1/31/2012
100 Posters / 134 Squirrels
Ryan, Jay 9781936070688 Trade Paperback Akashic Books 12/7/2010
Moving Graphics
Dopress 9788492810468 Format: Trade Cloth and CD Promopress 9/4/2012
Mini Graphics 2
Sandu 9788492810406 Hardcover Promopress 5/8/2012
In Effect
Dopress 9788492810475 Hardcover Promopress 9/4/2012
Shaoqiang, Wang 9788492810598 Hardcover Promopress 12/4/2012
Designing Diagrams
Gauguin, Jan 9789063692285 Hardcover BIS Publishers 6/7/2011
Sketching: The Basics (2nd printing)
Steur, Roselien 9789063692537 Hardcover BIS Publishers 8/9/2011
Color Matching
Shaoqiang, Wang 9788415967255 Hardcover Promopress 11/18/2014