Area Studies: Western Europe

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Devils' Alliance, The
(1st Edition)
Moorhouse, Roger 9780465030750 Hardcover Basic Books 10/14/2014
(1st Edition)
Simms, Brendan 9780465064861 Trade Paperback Basic Books 10/7/2014
101 Places in Italy: A Private Grand Tour
Russell, Francis 9781908524324 Format: Flexibound Wilmington Square Books 5/13/2014
Perilous Question
Fraser, Antonia 9781610393782 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 5/6/2014
Blood Brotherhoods
Dickie, John 9781610394277 Hardcover PublicAffairs 4/22/2014
Birth of the West, The
Collins, Paul 9781610393683 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 3/4/2014
Asian Britain
Nasta, Susheila 9781908906113 Trade Paperback The Westbourne Press 2/11/2014
Clisson and Eugénie
Bonaparte, Napoleon 9781906040277 Trade Paperback Gallic Books 11/19/2013
de Lisle, Leanda 9781610393638 Hardcover PublicAffairs 10/8/2013
Churchill, Winston 9780306821974 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 10/1/2013
Rainborowes, The
(1st Edition)
Tinniswood, Adrian 9780465023004 Hardcover Basic Books 9/10/2013
Ghosts of Empire
Kwarteng, Kwasi 9781610392327 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 5/28/2013
Perilous Question
Fraser, Antonia 9781610393317 Hardcover PublicAffairs 5/7/2013
(1st Edition)
Simms, Brendan 9780465013333 Hardcover Basic Books 4/30/2013
Ghost Moth
Forbes, Michèle 9781934137604 Trade Paperback Bellevue Literary Press 4/16/2013
Short History of England, A
Jenkins, Simon 9781610392310 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 3/12/2013
Blood Sisters
(1st Edition)
Gristwood, Sarah 9780465018314 Hardcover Basic Books 2/26/2013
Birth of the West, The
Collins, Paul 9781610390132 Hardcover PublicAffairs 2/12/2013
Diaries of Nella Last, The
Malcolmson, Patricia 9781846685460 Trade Paperback Profile Books 2/5/2013
Napoleonic Anecdotes
Cohen, Louis 9781781550335 Trade Paperback Fonthill Media 1/1/2013
Distilling the Frenzy
Hennessy, Peter 9781849542159 Hardcover Biteback Publishing 12/11/2012
Angels and Harvesters
Harpur, James 9780856464478 Trade Paperback Anvil Press Poetry 12/4/2012
Boyhood and Youth of Napoleon, The
Browning, Oscar 9781781550113 Trade Paperback Fonthill Media 12/4/2012
Merchantmen in Action, The
Martin, Roy 9781781550458 Hardcover Fonthill Media 12/4/2012
Dearest Bess
Stuart, Dorothy 9781781550052 Trade Paperback Fonthill Media 10/23/2012
Her Majesty
Hoey, Brian 9781849542937 Trade Paperback The Robson Press 10/23/2012
Shakespeare on Toast
Crystal, Ben 9781848310544 Trade Paperback Icon Books 10/16/2012
Abacus and the Cross, The
Brown, Nancy Marie 9780465031443 Trade Paperback Basic Books 10/2/2012
Mended and Broken Heart, A
Murray, Wendy 9780465032327 Trade Paperback Basic Books 9/25/2012
In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg
Fernbach, David 9781608462346 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 9/18/2012