Area Studies: Middle Eastern Studies

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Concise History of the Middle East, A
(11th Edition)
Goldschmidt Jr., Arthur 9780813349626 Trade Paperback Westview Press 7/28/2015
51 Day War, The
Blumenthal, Max 9781568585116 Hardcover Nation Books 6/30/2015
Magnificent Delusions
Haqqani, Husain 9781610394734 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 2/3/2015
Street of Thieves
Énard, Mathias 9781940953014 Trade Paperback Open Letter 11/11/2014
Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms
(1st Edition)
Russell, Gerard 9780465030569 Hardcover Basic Books 10/21/2014
On Shifting Ground
Nouraie-Simone, Fereshteh 9781558618558 Trade Paperback The Feminist Press at CUNY 7/15/2014
Middle East Patterns
(6th Edition)
Held, Colbert C. 9780813348773 Trade Paperback Westview Press 12/24/2013
America's Great Game
(1st Edition)
Wilford, Hugh 9780465019656 Hardcover Basic Books 12/3/2013
Introduction to the Modern Middle East, An
(2nd Edition)
Sorenson, David S. 9780813349220 Trade Paperback Westview Press 12/3/2013
Magnificent Delusions
Haqqani, Husain 9781610393171 Hardcover PublicAffairs 11/5/2013
(1st Edition)
Blumenthal, Max 9781568586342 Hardcover Nation Books 10/1/2013
King Faisal of Saudi Arabia
Vassiliev, Alexei 9780863566899 Hardcover Saqi Books 8/6/2013
World Through Arab Eyes, The
(1st Edition)
Telhami, Shibley 9780465029839 Hardcover Basic Books 6/11/2013
Shadow King, The
Marchant, Jo 9780306821332 Hardcover Da Capo Press 6/4/2013
Literary Heritage of the Arabs, The
Bushrui, Suheil 9780863568244 Hardcover Saqi Books 2/19/2013
Arab Uprising, The
Lynch, Marc 9781610392358 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 1/8/2013
Saturday People, Sunday People
Gilbert, Lela 9781594036392 Hardcover Encounter Books 12/25/2012
History of the Modern Middle East, A
(5th Edition)
Cleveland, William L 9780813348339 Trade Paperback Westview Press 12/4/2012
Arab Spring, The
Lesch, David 9780813348193 Trade Paperback Westview Press 11/27/2012
Contemporary Middle East, The
(3rd Edition)
Yambert, Karl 9780813348391 Trade Paperback Westview Press 11/27/2012
Road to Fatima Gate, The
Totten, Michael 9781594036422 Trade Paperback Encounter Books 11/13/2012
Concise History of the Middle East, A
(10th Edition)
Goldschmidt, Arthur 9780813348216 Trade Paperback Westview Press 11/6/2012
Israel Test, The
Gilder, George 9781594036125 Trade Paperback Encounter Books 10/30/2012
Exit the Colonel
Chorin, Ethan 9781610391719 Hardcover PublicAffairs 10/23/2012
Assassins of the Turquoise Palace
Hakakian, Roya 9780802145970 Trade Paperback Grove Press 9/11/2012
Islam and Human Rights
(5th Edition)
Mayer, Ann Elizabeth 9780813344676 Trade Paperback Westview Press 7/31/2012
Fergusson, James 9780306820779 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 5/22/2012
Middle East and Islamic World Reader, The
Gettleman, Marvin E. 9780802145772 Trade Paperback Grove Press 5/15/2012
Arab Spring, Libyan Winter
Prashad, Vijay 9781849351126 Trade Paperback AK Press 5/8/2012
Self-Criticism After the Defeat
al-Azm, Sadik 9780863564888 Trade Paperback Saqi Books 4/10/2012