Area Studies: Europe / General

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Énard, Mathias 9781934824269 Trade Paperback Open Letter 12/15/2010
Written on the Knee
Electrie Lindsay, Helen 9780979824937 Trade Paperback Mighty Media Press 10/1/2008
World War Two
(1st Edition)
Stone, Norman 9780465013722 Hardcover Basic Books 1/8/2013
World War One
Stone, Norman 9780465019182 Trade Paperback Basic Books 4/27/2010
Western Europe, Eastern Europe and World Development 13th-18th Centuries
Batou, Jean 9781608462001 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 3/20/2012
Unhappy Union
Peet, John 9781610394499 Hardcover The Economist 6/24/2014
Transnational France
Stovall, Tyler 9780813348117 Trade Paperback Westview Press 2/17/2015
Tragedy of the European Union, The
Soros, George 9781610394215 Hardcover PublicAffairs 3/11/2014
Toward the United Front
Riddell, John 9781608462360 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 11/20/2012
Sir Francis Walsingham
Wilson, Derek 9780786720873 Hardcover Basic Books 9/14/2007
Revolution in Danger
Serge, Victor 9781608460830 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 3/15/2011
Revolution Besieged, The
Cliff, Tony 9781608460878 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 8/7/2012
Red Prince, The
Snyder, Timothy 9780465018970 Trade Paperback Basic Books 9/28/2010
Nazis, Capitalism and the Working Class, The
Gluckstein, Donny 9781608461370 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 8/7/2012
My Mother Gets Married
Martinson, Moa 9780935312812 Trade Paperback The Feminist Press at CUNY 1/1/1993
Mad Catastrophe, A
(1st Edition)
Wawro, Geoffrey 9780465028351 Hardcover Basic Books 4/29/2014
Mad Catastrophe, A
(1st Edition)
Wawro, Geoffrey 9780465057955 Trade Paperback Basic Books 4/28/2015
Knights Templar, The
Martin, Sean 9781560256458 Trade Paperback Basic Books 11/20/2004
Justice at Nuremberg
Conot, Robert 9780881840322 Trade Paperback Basic Books 1/28/1993
July 1914
(1st Edition)
McMeekin, Sean 9780465031450 Hardcover Basic Books 4/9/2013
July 1914
McMeekin, Sean 9780465060740 Trade Paperback Basic Books 4/29/2014
Janissaries, The
Goodwin, Godfrey 9780863567407 Trade Paperback Saqi Books 9/1/2006
Introducing the Freud Wars
Wilson, Stephen 9781848314115 Trade Paperback Icon Books 1/1/2013
Introducing Continental Philosophy
Kul-Want, Christopher 9781848314177 Trade Paperback Icon Books 8/27/2013
Ibsen and Hitler
Sage, Steven 9780786719358 Trade Paperback Basic Books 6/14/2007
House Inspections
Nielsen, Carsten René 9781934414569 Trade Paperback BOA Editions Ltd. 10/18/2011
European Union, The
Blair, Alasdair 9781851688982 Trade Paperback Oneworld Publications 7/7/2012
Europe on Trial
Deak, Istvan 9780813347899 Trade Paperback Westview Press 1/27/2015
(1st Edition)
Simms, Brendan 9780465064861 Trade Paperback Basic Books 10/7/2014
(1st Edition)
Simms, Brendan 9780465013333 Hardcover Basic Books 4/30/2013