Language and Literature: Folklore

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Invisible Beasts
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Reasonable Ogre, The
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Paradise and Elsewhere
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Cradle Book
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Winterson, Jeanette 9781841957999 Trade Paperback Canongate U.S. 9/14/2006
Forest of a Thousand Daemons
Fagunwa, D.O. 9780872866300 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 9/24/2013
Berry, Wendell 9781582434322 Hardcover Counterpoint 12/11/2008
Robe of Feathers, A
Matsuura, Thersa 9781582434896 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 5/1/2009
Story as Sharp as a Knife, A
Bringhurst, Robert 9781553658399 Trade Paperback Douglas & McIntyre 4/1/2011
Liquid Gold
Steinfeld, Carol 9780966678314 Trade Paperback EcoWaters 4/1/2007
Snotty Saves the Day
Davies, Tod 9781935259077 Trade Paperback Exterminating Angel Press 4/19/2011
Lily the Silent
Davies, Tod 9781935259183 Trade Paperback Exterminating Angel Press 10/23/2012
Pedra Canga
Albues, Tereza 9781892295705 Trade Paperback Green Integer 9/1/2000
1001 Great Stories
Messerli, Douglas 9781931243940 Trade Paperback Green Integer 8/1/2005
Ovid's Metamorphoses
Nims, John 9780966491319 Trade Paperback Paul Dry Books 3/1/2000
Otherwise Fables
Mandel, Oscar 9781938849213 Trade Paperback Prospect Park Books 4/1/2014
Celtic Myths and Legends
Ellis, Peter Berresford 9780786711079 Trade Paperback Running Press 1/27/2003
Pashtun Tales
Ahmed, Aisha 9780863566370 Trade Paperback Saqi Books 5/1/2008
Guyanese Wanderer, The
Carew, Jan 9781932511505 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 7/1/2007
Something in My Eye
Lee, Michael 9781936747054 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 1/31/2012
Binder, L. 9781936747313 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 8/7/2012
Monkey's Wedding, The
Aiken, Joan 9781931520744 Hardcover Small Beer Press 5/10/2011
Redemption in Indigo
Lord, Karen 9781931520669 Trade Paperback Small Beer Press 8/1/2010
Walker on Water
Ehin, Kristiina 9781939419071 Trade Paperback The Unnamed Press 6/1/2014
Into the Woods
Sondheim, Stephen 9780930452933 Trade Paperback Theatre Communications Group 1/1/1993
Dybbuk, A
Kushner, Tony 9781559361378 Trade Paperback Theatre Communications Group 12/1/1997