Language and Literature: Literary Criticism/American

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Butterfly in the Typewriter
MacLauchlin, Cory 9780306821912 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 4/23/2013
Writer Who Stayed, The
Zinsser, William 9781589880801 Trade Paperback Paul Dry Books 11/6/2012
Madness, Rack, and Honey
Ruefle, Mary 9781933517575 Trade Paperback Wave Books 8/7/2012
Ennui Prophet
Kennedy, Christopher 9781934414491 Trade Paperback BOA Editions Ltd. 6/21/2011
Spilling the Beans
Burciaga, José Antonio 9781877741111 Trade Paperback Joshua Odell Editions 11/1/2008
Beat Generation, The
Gair, Christopher 9781851685424 Trade Paperback Oneworld Publications 6/1/2008
The Memory Palace of Isabella Stewart Gardner
Vigderman, Patricia 9781932511437 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 2/1/2007
What Lies Before Us
Panych, Morris 9780889225602 Trade Paperback Talonbooks 12/8/2006
Howl on Trial
Morgan, Bill 9780872864795 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 11/1/2006
On Looking
Purpura, Lia 9781932511390 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 8/1/2006
Mythic Worlds, Modern Words
Campbell, Joseph 9781577314066 Hardcover New World Library 1/28/2004
Thoreau on Freedom
Cramer, Jeffrey S. 9781555914783 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 4/15/2003
Planet on the Table
Bryan, Sharon 9781889330914 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 2/1/2003
September 11, 2001: American Writers Respond
Heyen, William 9780971822801 Trade Paperback Etruscan Press 9/1/2002
Passing the Word
Skinner, Jeffrey 9781889330594 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 7/1/2001
Donald Richie Reader, The
Richie, Donald 9781880656617 Trade Paperback Stone Bridge Press 6/1/2001
Long March, The
Kimball, Roger 9781893554306 Trade Paperback Encounter Books 6/1/2001
Robert Frost in Russia
Reeve, Frank 9780939010639 Trade Paperback Zephyr Press 4/1/2001
Notes on Thought and Vision
Doolittle (H.D.), Hilda 9780872861411 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 1/1/2001
Good Blonde
Kerouac, Jack 9780912516226 Trade Paperback Grey Fox Press 1/1/2001
H.L. Mencken's Smart Set Criticism
Mencken, H. L. 9780895262318 Trade Paperback Gateway Editions 12/1/2000
Stealing Glimpses
McQuade, Molly 9781889330266 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 4/1/1999
Alice Walker Banned
Walker, Alice 9781879960473 Hardcover Aunt Lute Books 6/1/1996
Drink Cultura
Burciaga, José Antonio 9781877741074 Trade Paperback Joshua Odell Editions 7/1/1992
Friends in the World
Saroyan, Aram 9780918273970 Trade Paperback Coffee House Press 1/1/1992