Language and Literature: Short Stories

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Mad Hope
Birrell, Heather 9781552452585 Trade Paperback Coach House Books 10/2/2012
Make It, Take It
Bradburd, Rus 9781935955436 Trade Paperback Cinco Puntos Press 1/8/2013
Man Back There, The
Crouse, David 9781932511635 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 8/1/2008
Man in the Cardboard Mask, The
Greenberg, Alvin 9780918273024 Trade Paperback Coffee House Press 5/1/1985
Marielitos, Balseros and Other Exiles
Rodríguez Milanés, Cecilia 9780981504025 Trade Paperback Ig Publishing 6/1/2009
Meagre Tarmac, The
Blaise, Clark 9781926845159 Trade Paperback Biblioasis 6/7/2011
Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse, The
Lonely Christopher 9781936070800 Trade Paperback Akashic Books 1/11/2011
Bingham, Sallie 9781936747016 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 9/20/2011
Migration Patterns
Schanbacher, Gary L. 9781555916466 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 9/10/2007
Monkey's Wedding, The
Aiken, Joan 9781931520744 Hardcover Small Beer Press 5/10/2011
More Notes of a Dirty Old Man
Calonne, David 9780872865433 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 9/13/2011
Most Beautiful Woman in Town, The
Bukowski, Charles 9780872861565 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 1/1/2001
Most of It, The
Ruefle, Mary 9781933517292 Trade Paperback Wave Books 6/1/2008
Muse of Ocean Parkway and Other Stories, The
Lampart, Jacob 9780898232561 Trade Paperback New Rivers Press 10/18/2011
My Heart Is a Mountain
Holm, Catherine 9780982354551 Trade Paperback Holy Cow! Press 12/21/2010
Mythic Imagination
Campbell, Joseph 9781608681532 Hardcover New World Library 11/20/2012
Name of the Flower, The
Mukoda, Kuniko 9781880656099 Trade Paperback Stone Bridge Press 7/1/1998
Name of the Nearest River, The
Taylor, Alex 9781932511802 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 4/1/2010
Never Breathe a Word
Blackwood, Caroline 9781582435695 Hardcover Counterpoint 2/9/2010
Never Breathe a Word
Blackwood, Caroline 9781582437071 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 2/1/2011
Nice Girls and Other Stories
Abartis, Cezarijia 9780898232158 Trade Paperback New Rivers Press 4/1/2003
Nine, Novena
Lins, Osman 9781557134141 Trade Paperback Green Integer 8/23/2011
No Man's Land
Parra, Eduardo Antonio 9780872864290 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 8/1/2004
No Sweetness Here and Other Stories
Aidoo, Ama Ata 9781558611191 Trade Paperback The Feminist Press at CUNY 12/1/1995
Notes of a Dirty Old Man
Bukowski, Charles 9780872860742 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 1/1/2001
Boyko, C. P. 9781927428719 Trade Paperback Biblioasis 5/27/2014
Odditorium, The
Pritchard, Melissa 9781934137376 Trade Paperback Bellevue Literary Press 1/10/2012
Once the Shore
Yoon, Paul 9781932511703 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 4/1/2009
One in Every Crowd
Coyote, Ivan E. 9781551524597 Trade Paperback Arsenal Pulp Press 9/4/2012
One That Got Away, The
Wicomb, Zoe 9781595584571 Hardcover New Press, The 4/21/2009
Only Thing I Have, The
Waterfall, Rhonda 9781551522937 Trade Paperback Arsenal Pulp Press 4/1/2010