Language and Literature: Short Stories

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Borges, Jorge 9780802130303 Trade Paperback Grove Press 2/1/1994
My Heart Is a Mountain
Holm, Catherine 9780982354551 Trade Paperback Holy Cow! Press 12/21/2010
Marielitos, Balseros and Other Exiles
Rodríguez Milanés, Cecilia 9780981504025 Trade Paperback Ig Publishing 6/1/2009
Captive Audience
Reidy, Dave 9780981504049 Trade Paperback Ig Publishing 6/1/2009
Quiet as They Come
Chau, Angie 9781935439189 Trade Paperback Ig Publishing 8/17/2010
How to Predict the Weather
Burch, Aaron 9780982151266 Trade Paperback Keyhole Press 11/9/2010
Paradise Dance
Lee, Michael 9780967952062 Trade Paperback Leapfrog Press 8/1/2002
Secret Anniversaries of the Heart
Raphael, Lev 9780972898478 Trade Paperback Leapfrog Press 1/1/2006
And Yet They Were Happy
Phillips, Helen 9781935248187 Trade Paperback Leapfrog Press 5/17/2011
How to Stop Loving Someone
Connor, Joan 9781935248200 Trade Paperback Leapfrog Press 9/13/2011
Dancing at the Gold Monkey
Learst, Allen 9781935248293 Trade Paperback Leapfrog Press 10/2/2012
Immanence of God in the Tropics, The
Rosen, George 9781935248316 Trade Paperback Leapfrog Press 10/23/2012
98 Wounds
Chin, Justin 9781933149578 Trade Paperback Manic D Press, Inc. 12/13/2011
One That Got Away, The
Wicomb, Zoe 9781595584571 Hardcover New Press, The 4/21/2009
Dirty Shame Hotel, The
Block, Ron 9780898231878 Trade Paperback New Rivers Press 5/1/2009
Nice Girls and Other Stories
Abartis, Cezarijia 9780898232158 Trade Paperback New Rivers Press 4/1/2003
Landing Zones
Micus, Edward 9780898232189 Trade Paperback New Rivers Press 10/1/2003
Egg Lady and Other Neighbors, The
Currans-Sheehan, Tricia 9780898232196 Trade Paperback New Rivers Press 11/1/2004
Signaling for Rescue
Herrmann, Marianne 9780898232356 Trade Paperback New Rivers Press 10/1/2007
At Home Anywhere
Hoffman, Mary 9780898232509 Trade Paperback New Rivers Press 11/23/2010
Muse of Ocean Parkway and Other Stories, The
Lampart, Jacob 9780898232561 Trade Paperback New Rivers Press 10/18/2011
Mythic Imagination
Campbell, Joseph 9781608681532 Hardcover New World Library 11/20/2012
Ox-Tales Earth
Ellingham, Mark 9781846682582 Trade Paperback Profile Books 4/1/2010
Ox-Tales Fire
Ellingham, Mark 9781846682599 Trade Paperback Profile Books 4/1/2010
Ox-Tales Air
Ellingham, Mark 9781846682612 Trade Paperback Profile Books 4/1/2010
Otherwise Fables
Mandel, Oscar 9781938849213 Trade Paperback Prospect Park Books 4/1/2014
Sparkman in the Sky & Other Stories
Griffin, Brian 9781889330068 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 9/1/1997
World Famous Love Acts
Leung, Brian 9781889330167 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 4/1/2004
Gram of Mars, A
Hagenston, Becky 9781889330228 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 12/1/1998
Baby Can Sing and Other Stories, The
Slater, Judith 9781889330358 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 11/1/1999
How She Knows What She Knows about Yo-Yos
Taylor-Hall, Mary Ann 9781889330372 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 1/1/2000