Language and Literature: Composition and Creative Writing

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Science Writers' Handbook, The
Writers of SciLance 9780738216560 Trade Paperback Da Capo Lifelong Books 4/30/2013
Book Beginning What and Ending Away, A
Coolidge, Clark 9781934200605 Trade Paperback Fence Books 3/26/2013
88 Sonnets
Coolidge, Clark 9781934200612 Trade Paperback Fence Books 1/1/2013
Mellow Actions
Downing, Brandon 9781934200650 Trade Paperback Fence Books 1/1/2013
Eyelid Lick
Dunbar, Donald 9781934200636 Trade Paperback Fence Books 11/13/2012
No Rules Handbook for Writers, The
Goldman, Lisa 9781849431118 Trade Paperback Oberon Books 8/28/2012
You Can't Make This Stuff Up
Gutkind, Lee 9780738215549 Trade Paperback Da Capo Lifelong Books 8/14/2012
A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon
CAConrad 9781933517599 Trade Paperback Wave Books 4/3/2012
6.5 Practices of Moderately Successful Poets, The
Skinner, Jeffrey 9781936747276 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 3/20/2012
Reines, Ariana 9781934200476 Trade Paperback Fence Books 12/6/2011
Other Poems, The
Legault, Paul 9781934200506 Trade Paperback Fence Books 11/22/2011
Andrade, Jorge 9781933517551 Trade Paperback Wave Books 11/1/2011
Coeur de Lion
Reines, Ariana 9781934200483 Trade Paperback Fence Books 11/1/2011
Brenner, Daniel 9781934200438 Trade Paperback Fence Books 6/21/2011
Prayer and Parable
Maliszewski, Paul 9781934200445 Trade Paperback Fence Books 4/19/2011
Poet's Way, The
Manjusvara (David Keefe) 9781907314049 Trade Paperback Windhorse Publications 2/15/2011
Taylor, Drew 9780889226432 Trade Paperback Talonbooks 11/30/2010
One Word
McQuade, Molly 9781932511697 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 11/9/2010
Nick Demske
Demske, Nick 9781934200391 Trade Paperback Fence Books 10/1/2010
Architecture of the Novel
Vandenburgh, Jane 9781582435978 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 8/17/2010
Will Write for Food
Jacob, Dianne 9780738214047 Trade Paperback Da Capo Lifelong Books 7/27/2010
Dead Ahead
Doller, Ben 9781934200353 Trade Paperback Fence Books 4/1/2010
Sore Throat & Other Poems, The
Kunin, Aaron 9781934200346 Trade Paperback Fence Books 4/1/2010
Lake Antiquity
Downing, Brandon 9781934200278 Trade Paperback Fence Books 11/1/2009
Black Automaton, The
Kearney, Douglas 9781934200285 Trade Paperback Fence Books 11/1/2009
Duties of an English Foreign Secretary
Card, Macgregor 9781934200292 Trade Paperback Fence Books 11/1/2009
VanderMeer, Jeff 9781892391902 Trade Paperback Tachyon Publications 10/1/2009
Noise from the Laundry
Chan, Weyman 9780889226265 Trade Paperback Talonbooks 6/10/2009
Writer's Notebook, The
Allison, Dorothy 9780979419812 Trade Paperback Tin House Books 5/12/2009
How to Write Like Chekhov
Brunello, Piero 9781569242599 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 11/11/2008