Language and Literature: Biography and Autobiography

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Russian Schoolboy, A
Aksakov, Sergei 9781589880511 Trade Paperback Paul Dry Books 4/1/2009
Seven Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges
Sorrentino, Fernando 9781589880603 Trade Paperback Paul Dry Books 3/1/2010
On Being Ill
Woolf, Virginia 9781930464131 Trade Paperback Paris Press 11/6/2012
O'Hara, Kieron 9781851689231 Trade Paperback Oneworld Publications 7/1/2012
Radio Congo
Rawlence, Ben 9781851689651 Trade Paperback Oneworld Publications 3/19/2013
Real Man Adventures
Cooper, T 9781938073007 Hardcover McSweeney's 12/4/2012
No One's Son
Fekadu, Tewodros 9781935248262 Trade Paperback Leapfrog Press 4/10/2012
Introducing Camus
Mairowitz, David Zane 9781848313453 Trade Paperback Icon Books 4/30/2012
Introducing Joyce
Norris, David 9781848313514 Trade Paperback Icon Books 3/20/2012
All Good Water
White, J.P. 9780982354537 Trade Paperback Holy Cow! Press 9/28/2010
Vltchek, André 9781931859288 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 5/1/2006
James Joyce
Pindar, Ian 9781904341581 Trade Paperback Haus Publishing 6/1/2005
Pilling, Claudia 9781904341659 Trade Paperback Haus Publishing 10/1/2005
Connolly, Joseph 9781904341680 Trade Paperback Haus Publishing 6/1/2005
Smith, Timothy Wilson 9781904341819 Trade Paperback Haus Publishing 8/1/2005
Adams, Jad 9781904950196 Hardcover Haus Publishing 11/1/2005
Georges Simenon
Becker, Lucille F. 9781904950349 Hardcover Haus Publishing 1/1/2007
Robert Graves
King, Bruce 9781905791941 Hardcover Haus Publishing 8/1/2009
T. S. Eliot
Worthen, John 9781906598860 Trade Paperback Haus Publishing 4/26/2011
Wagenbach, Klaus 9781906598884 Hardcover Haus Publishing 10/18/2011
How I Became Hettie Jones
Jones, Hettie 9780802134967 Trade Paperback Grove Press 12/6/1996
Circle of Hanh, The
Weigl, Bruce 9780802138057 Trade Paperback Grove Press 4/16/2001
Sexual Life of Catherine M., The
Millet, Catherine 9780802139863 Trade Paperback Grove Press 4/14/2003
Where We Have Hope
Meldrum, Andrew 9780802142511 Trade Paperback Grove Press 9/18/2006
Composed on the Tongue
Ginsberg, Allen 9780912516295 Trade Paperback Grey Fox Press 1/1/2001
Composed on the Tongue
Ginsberg, Allen 9780912516295 Trade Paperback Grey Fox Press 1/1/2001
Stamp Album
Sergeev, Andrei 9785717200592 Trade Paperback GLAS New Russian Writing 2/12/2002
People of Concord
Brooks, Paul 9781555914691 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 9/27/2006
Gonzo Way, The
Thompson, Anita 9781555916220 Hardcover Fulcrum Publishing 7/25/2007
Ex Friends
Podhoretz, Norman 9781893554177 Trade Paperback Encounter Books 7/1/2000
Honest Writer, An
Landers, Robert 9781893554955 Hardcover Encounter Books 3/1/2004