Military History and Affairs: World War II

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Europe on Trial
Deak, Istvan 9780813347899 Trade Paperback Westview Press 2/3/2015
Hitler's Warrior
Parker, Danny S. 9780306821547 Hardcover Da Capo Press 12/9/2014
Nazi and the Psychiatrist, The
El-Hai, Jack 9781610394635 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 9/2/2014
Bringing Mulligan Home
Maharidge, Dale 9781610393713 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 4/8/2014
No End Save Victory
(1st Edition)
Kaiser, David 9780465019823 Hardcover Basic Books 4/8/2014
Most Dangerous Man in America, The
(1st Edition)
Perry, Mark 9780465013289 Hardcover Basic Books 4/1/2014
Burning Shore, The
(1st Edition)
Offley, Ed 9780465029617 Hardcover Basic Books 3/25/2014
And There Was Light
Lusseyran, Jacques 9781608682690 Trade Paperback New World Library 3/18/2014
Death in San Pietro, A
Brady, Tim 9780306822148 Hardcover Da Capo Press 11/5/2013
Dog Company
O'Donnell, Patrick 9780306822643 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 11/5/2013
Churchill's Bomb
(1st Edition)
Farmelo, Graham 9780465021956 Hardcover Basic Books 10/8/2013
Bringing Mulligan Home
Maharidge, Dale 9781586489991 Hardcover PublicAffairs 3/12/2013
World War Two
(1st Edition)
Stone, Norman 9780465013722 Hardcover Basic Books 1/8/2013
Cry Havoc
Maiolo, Joseph 9780465032297 Trade Paperback Basic Books 12/4/2012
Dog Company
O'Donnell, Patrick 9780306820298 Hardcover Da Capo Press 11/6/2012
Pearl Harbor
Gillon, Steven M. 9780465031795 Trade Paperback Basic Books 11/6/2012
Lochery, Neill 9781610391887 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 10/30/2012
Blood of Free Men, The
(1st Edition)
Neiberg, Michael 9780465023998 Hardcover Basic Books 10/2/2012
Snyder, Timothy 9780465031474 Trade Paperback Basic Books 10/2/2012
Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz, The
Avey, Denis 9780306821493 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 9/11/2012
Ajax, the Dutch, the War
Kuper, Simon 9781568587233 Trade Paperback Nation Books 9/11/2012
Pacific Air
Sears, David 9780306820786 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 5/29/2012
Turning the Tide
Offley, Ed 9780465028733 Trade Paperback Basic Books 5/8/2012
(1st Edition)
Wilson, A.N. 9780465031283 Hardcover Basic Books 3/27/2012
Hunting Down the Jews
Levendel, Isaac 9781936274314 Hardcover Enigma Books 2/28/2012
Secrets of Station X, The
Smith, Michael 9781849540957 Trade Paperback Biteback Publishing 12/20/2011
Operation Garbo
Pujol, juan 9781849541077 Trade Paperback Biteback Publishing 12/20/2011
On to Victory
Zuehlke, Mark 9781553658139 Trade Paperback Douglas & McIntyre 11/15/2011
Envoy, The
Kershaw, Alex 9780306820434 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 11/1/2011
Battle of the Tanks, The
Clark, Lloyd 9780802119087 Hardcover Atlantic Monthly Press 11/1/2011