Military History and Affairs: Strategy

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
What It Is Like to Go to War
Marlantes, Karl 9780802119926 Hardcover Atlantic Monthly Press 8/30/2011
What It Is Like To Go To War
Marlantes, Karl 9780802145925 Trade Paperback Grove Press 9/11/2012
War Games and Their History
Lewin, Christopher 9781781550427 Hardcover Fonthill Media 10/23/2012
Tempsford Academy
O'Connor, Bernard 9781781550038 Hardcover Fonthill Media 12/4/2012
Napoleon's Glance
Duggan, William 9781560256021 Trade Paperback Nation Books 3/19/2004
Napoleon and His Marshals
Macdonell, AG 9781781550366 Trade Paperback Fonthill Media 9/11/2012
Masters of Chaos
Robinson, Linda 9781586483524 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 9/7/2005
Guerrilla Warfare
Guevara, Ernesto Che 9781920888282 Trade Paperback Ocean Press 4/1/2006
Find, Fix, Finish
Peritz, Aki 9781610391283 Hardcover PublicAffairs 3/13/2012
Find, Fix, Finish
Peritz, Aki 9781610392389 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 10/8/2013
Clausewitz's on War
Strachan, Hew 9780802143631 Trade Paperback Grove Press 4/11/2008
Churchill and Stalin's Secret Agents
O'Connor, Bernard 9781781550021 Hardcover Fonthill Media 9/11/2012
Age of Airpower, The
Van Creveld, Martin 9781610391085 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 5/8/2012