History: 18th Century

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Three Victories and a Defeat
(1st Edition)
Simms, Brendan 9780465013326 Hardcover Basic Books 12/9/2008
Napoleon and His Marshals
Macdonell, AG 9781781550366 Trade Paperback Fonthill Media 9/11/2012
Introducing the Enlightenment
Spencer, Lloyd 9781848311794 Trade Paperback Icon Books 12/21/2010
Great Divide, The
Fleming, Thomas 9780306821271 Hardcover Da Capo Press 7/8/2014
Boyhood and Youth of Napoleon, The
Browning, Oscar 9781781550113 Trade Paperback Fonthill Media 12/4/2012
Anna Amalia, Grand Duchess
Gerard, Frances 9781781550168 Trade Paperback Fonthill Media 9/11/2012