Political Science: Civics and Citizenship

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Nichols, John 9781568589534 Trade Paperback Nation Books 9/2/2014
935 Lies
Lewis, Charles 9781610391177 Hardcover PublicAffairs 6/24/2014
Demographic Gaps in American Political Behavior
Fisher, Patrick 9780813345963 Trade Paperback Westview Press 3/11/2014
Think Like a Commoner
Bollier, David 9780865717688 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 3/4/2014
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Morozov, Evgeny 9781610393706 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 3/4/2014
Religion and Politics in America
(5th Edition)
Fowler, Robert Booth 9780813348513 Trade Paperback Westview Press 12/24/2013
Power of Citizenship, The
Reich, Scott 9781939529367 Hardcover BenBella Books 10/15/2013
"Can We All Get Along?"
(6th Edition)
McClain, Paula 9780813347158 Trade Paperback Westview Press 8/6/2013
(1st Edition)
Nichols, John 9781568587073 Hardcover Nation Books 6/11/2013
Rebuild the Dream
(1st Edition)
Jones, Van 9781568587417 Trade Paperback Nation Books 5/14/2013
Arguing for Our Lives
Jensen, Robert 9780872865730 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 4/2/2013
Letters to a Young Activist
Gitlin, Todd 9780465033065 Trade Paperback Basic Books 7/31/2012
Historic Unfulfilled Promise, The
Zinn, Howard 9780872865556 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 6/12/2012
American Insurgents
Seymour, Richard 9781608461417 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 6/12/2012
We Can All Do Better
Bradley, Bill 9781593157296 Hardcover Vanguard Press 5/8/2012
Occupying Wall Street
for the 99%, Writers 9781608462513 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 4/3/2012
(1st Edition)
Nichols, John 9781568587035 Trade Paperback Nation Books 2/14/2012
Take Back Your Government
Carroll, Morgan 9781555914455 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 1/3/2012
Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation
(1st Edition)
Mosley, Walter 9781568586427 Trade Paperback Nation Books 4/26/2011
New Citizenship, The
(4th Edition)
Rimmerman, Craig A 9780813344577 Trade Paperback Westview Press 7/27/2010
Gordon-Zolov, Terri 9781558616608 Trade Paperback The Feminist Press at CUNY 7/1/2010
Unsuspecting Souls
Sanders, Barry 9781582435893 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 4/13/2010
Open Letters to America
Powell, Kevin 9781593762148 Trade Paperback Soft Skull Press 10/20/2009
Just How Stupid Are We?
Shenkman, Rick 9780465014934 Trade Paperback Basic Books 5/12/2009
Jailhouse Lawyers
Abu-Jamal, Mumia 9780872864696 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 3/1/2009
Outright Barbarous
Feldman, Jeffrey 9780978843151 Trade Paperback Ig Publishing 5/1/2008
Calling All Radicals
Thompson, Gabriel 9781568583679 Trade Paperback Nation Books 9/28/2007
Letters from Young Activists
Berger, Dan 9781560257479 Trade Paperback Nation Books 10/25/2005
Going Postal
Ames, Mark 9781932360820 Trade Paperback Soft Skull Press 10/17/2005
Ecology of Freedom, The
Bookchin, Murray 9781904859260 Trade Paperback AK Press 7/1/2005