Political Science: Democracy

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Lords of Secrecy
Horton, Scott 9781568587455 Hardcover Nation Books 1/6/2015
Violence of Organized Forgetting, The
Giroux, Henry 9780872866195 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 8/12/2014
Big, Hot, Cheap, and Right
Grieder, Erica 9781610393751 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 4/22/2014
Demographic Gaps in American Political Behavior
Fisher, Patrick 9780813345963 Trade Paperback Westview Press 3/11/2014
Congress in Context
(2nd Edition)
Haskell, John 9780813347561 Trade Paperback Westview Press 1/7/2014
It's Even Worse Than It Looks
Mann, Thomas E. 9780465074730 Trade Paperback Basic Books 9/3/2013
World Through Arab Eyes, The
(1st Edition)
Telhami, Shibley 9780465029839 Hardcover Basic Books 6/11/2013
Taylor, Andrew J. 9780813345727 Trade Paperback Westview Press 3/26/2013
World as It Is, The
Hedges, Chris 9781568587288 Trade Paperback Nation Books 2/12/2013
Arab Uprising, The
Lynch, Marc 9781610392358 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 1/8/2013
Servile Mind, The
Minogue, Kenneth 9781594036361 Trade Paperback Encounter Books 11/20/2012
Unruly Voices
Kingwell, Mark 9781926845845 Trade Paperback Biblioasis 10/16/2012
Occupying Language
Sitrin, Marina 9781884519093 Trade Paperback Zuccotti Park Press 9/18/2012
It's Even Worse Than It Looks
(1st Edition)
Mann, Thomas E. 9780465031337 Hardcover Basic Books 5/1/2012
Chomsky, Noam 9781884519017 Trade Paperback Zuccotti Park Press 5/1/2012
How the World Works
Chomsky, Noam 9781593764272 Trade Paperback Soft Skull Press 9/20/2011
World as It Is, The
(1st Edition)
Hedges, Chris 9781568586403 Hardcover Nation Books 4/12/2011
Please Don't Bomb the Suburbs
Wimsatt, William 9781936070596 Trade Paperback Akashic Books 9/14/2010
Servile Mind, The
Minogue, Kenneth 9781594033810 Hardcover Encounter Books 8/3/2010
No-Nonsense Guide to Democracy, The
Swift, Richard 9781906523305 Trade Paperback New Internationalist 4/1/2010
Getting a Grip 2
Lappé, Frances 9780979414237 Trade Paperback Small Planet Media 3/30/2010
Democracy at the Crossroads
Barnes, Craig S. 9781555917265 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 11/1/2009
Liberal Modernity and Its Adversaries
Zafirovski, Milan 9781608460373 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 9/1/2009
Direct Action
Graeber, David 9781904859796 Trade Paperback AK Press 9/1/2009
Imagining the Future
Levin, Yuval 9781594032097 Hardcover Encounter Books 10/16/2008
Where Hope Takes Root
Khan, Aga 9781553653660 Hardcover Douglas & McIntyre 5/28/2008
Youth to Power
Connery, Michael 9780978843137 Trade Paperback Ig Publishing 2/1/2008
Writings for a Democratic Society
Hayden, Tom 9780872864610 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 1/1/2008
TABOR and Direct Democracy
Young, Bradley J. 9781555915964 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 5/25/2006
Beetham, David 9781851683635 Trade Paperback Oneworld Publications 4/1/2005