Political Science: Public Policy and Administration

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Future Primitive Revisited
Zerzan, John 9781936239290 Trade Paperback Feral House 5/29/2012
Dry Run
Yudelson, Jerry 9780865716704 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 7/1/2010
Down the Drain
Wood, Chris 9781926812779 Hardcover Greystone Books 7/23/2013
Wise, Tim 9780872865082 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 6/1/2010
Dependency Agenda, The
Williamson, Kevin 9781594036637 Trade Paperback Encounter Books 5/29/2012
Ecology and Socialism
Williams, Chris 9781608460915 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 8/17/2010
Wilcox, Alana 9781552451564 Trade Paperback Coach House Books 11/19/2001
Food Security for the Faint of Heart
Wheeler, Robin 9780865716247 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 9/1/2008
Great Neighborhood Book, The
Walljasper, Jay 9780865715813 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 6/1/2007
No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics, The
Wall, Derek 9781906523398 Trade Paperback New Internationalist 8/24/2010
EcoVillage at Ithaca
Walker, Liz 9780865715240 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 5/1/2005
Choosing a Sustainable Future
Walker, Liz 9780865716759 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 11/23/2010
Our Ecological Footprint
Wackernagel, Mathis 9780865713123 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 7/1/1998
Never Enough
Voegeli, William 9781594033766 Hardcover Encounter Books 5/11/2010
Never Enough
Voegeli, William 9781594035845 Trade Paperback Encounter Books 10/9/2012
War on Science, The
Turner, Chris 9781771004312 Trade Paperback Greystone Books 3/4/2014
Doing Environmental Ethics
(2nd Edition)
Traer, Robert 9780813347417 Trade Paperback Westview Press 7/31/2012
Guerrilla Gardening
Tracey, David 9780865715837 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 4/1/2007
Thurow, Roger 9781586488185 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 6/22/2010
Evolution's Edge
Taylor, Graeme 9780865716087 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 7/1/2008
Swain, Harry 9781553654292 Hardcover Douglas & McIntyre 8/23/2011
Body Economic, The
Stuckler, David 9780465063987 Hardcover Basic Books 5/21/2013
Triumph of Politics, The
Stockman, David 9781610392778 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 3/26/2013
Bad Science and Bad Policy of Obama's Global Warming Agenda, The
Spencer, Roy 9781594034824 Trade Paperback Encounter Books 1/26/2010
Great Global Warming Blunder, The
Spencer, Roy 9781594033735 Hardcover Encounter Books 4/13/2010
Public Policy Theory Primer, The
(2nd Edition)
Smith, Kevin B. 9780813347493 Trade Paperback Westview Press 1/8/2013
American Exodus
Slade, Giles 9780865717497 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 11/5/2013
Let Them Eat Carbon
Sinclair, Matthew 9781849541169 Trade Paperback Biteback Publishing 3/20/2012
Democratic Dilemma of American Education, The
Shober, Arnold 9780813345369 Trade Paperback Westview Press 3/13/2012
Beyond Zuccotti Park
Shiffman, Ronald 9781613320099 Trade Paperback New Village Press 10/2/2012