Political Science: Intelligence

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
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Treasury's War
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They Know Everything about You
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Shadow Warrior
(1st Edition)
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Kill the Messenger (Movie Tie-In Edition)
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America's Great Game
(1st Edition)
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Find, Fix, Finish
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Treasury's War
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Spying on Democracy
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Shadow Warrior
(1st Edition)
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Death in the Lucky Holiday Hotel, A
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National Insecurity
Goodman, Melvin 9780872865891 Trade Paperback City Lights Publishers 3/5/2013
Coup, The
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Introduction to Homeland Security
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US Intelligence Community, The
(6th Edition)
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Failing Intelligence
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Green Is the New Red
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Human Security in a Borderless World
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Human Factor, The
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Human Factor, The
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Chief of Station, Congo
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Executive Action
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Operación Calipso
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JFK: The Cuba Files
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What Every Radical Should Know about State Repression
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Psywar on Cuba
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