Sociology: Popular Culture

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Censoring Culture
Atkins, Robert 9781595580504 Trade Paperback New Press, The 4/10/2006
Call of the Weird, The
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Cage, The
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By the Way, Meet Vera Stark
Nottage, Lynn 9781559364423 Trade Paperback Theatre Communications Group 10/15/2013
Bomb the Suburbs
Wimsatt, William 9781933368559 Trade Paperback Soft Skull Press 4/1/2008
Body Outlaws
Edut, Ophira 9781580051088 Trade Paperback Seal Press 1/1/2004
Blood, Class and Empire
Hitchens, Christopher 9781560255925 Trade Paperback Nation Books 3/19/2004
Black Music
Jones (Amiri Baraka), LeRoi 9781933354934 Trade Paperback Akashic Books 1/1/2010
O'Brien, John 9781933354828 Trade Paperback Akashic Books 8/1/2009
Bad News Bears in Breaking Training, The
Wilker, Josh 9781593764180 Trade Paperback Soft Skull Press 6/14/2011
Astro Boy Essays, The
Schodt, Frederik L. 9781933330549 Trade Paperback Stone Bridge Press 7/1/2007
Asia Shock
Galloway, Patrick 9781933330129 Trade Paperback Stone Bridge Press 11/1/2006
Ascent of the A-Word
Nunberg, Geoffrey 9781610391757 Hardcover PublicAffairs 8/14/2012
Ascent of the A-Word
Nunberg, Geoffrey 9781610392587 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 6/11/2013
Art of Pop Up, The
Trebbi, Jean-Charles 9788492810659 Hardcover Promopress 1/8/2013
Art of God of War III, The
Wade, Daniel 9781921002724 Trade Paperback Ballistic Publishing 11/30/2010
Art of Gears of War 3, The
Gramazio, Ronnie 9781921828157 Trade Paperback Ballistic Publishing 8/7/2012
Army of Lovers
Liss, Sarah 9781552452776 Trade Paperback Coach House Books 10/8/2013
Anime Companion 2, The
Poitras, Gilles 9781880656969 Trade Paperback Stone Bridge Press 6/1/2005
Anime Classics Zettai!
Camp, Brian 9781933330228 Trade Paperback Stone Bridge Press 8/1/2007
Animals and Objects in and out of Water
Ryan, Jay 9781933354927 Trade Paperback Akashic Books 12/1/2009
American Hunks
Chapman, David L. 9781551522562 Trade Paperback Arsenal Pulp Press 10/1/2009
Altered State
Collin, Matthew 9781846687136 Trade Paperback Serpent's Tail 4/1/2010
Against Civilization
Zerzan, John 9780922915989 Trade Paperback Feral House 6/1/2005
100 Posters / 134 Squirrels
Ryan, Jay 9781936070688 Trade Paperback Akashic Books 12/7/2010