Science and Advanced Math: Environmental Science

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Wisdom for a Livable Planet
McDaniel, Carl 9781595340092 Trade Paperback Trinity University Press 3/17/2005
Walking Towards Walden
Mitchell, John H. 9780201154870 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 3/11/1997
Mitchell, John Hanson 9780738201467 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 6/4/1999
Ten Technologies to Save the Planet
Goodall, Chris 9781553655251 Trade Paperback Greystone Books 4/27/2010
Huesemann, Michael 9780865717046 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 10/4/2011
Tar Sands
Nikiforuk, Andrew 9781553655558 Trade Paperback Greystone Books 7/29/2010
Swimming in Circles
Molyneaux, Paul 9781560257561 Trade Paperback Basic Books 1/9/2007
Slow Death by Rubber Duck
Smith, Rick 9781582435671 Hardcover Counterpoint 1/5/2010
Slow Death by Rubber Duck
Smith, Rick 9781582437026 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 1/1/2011
Silent Snow
Cone, Marla 9780802142597 Trade Paperback Grove Press 1/12/2006
Raising Elijah
Steingraber, Sandra 9780306820755 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 4/23/2013
Savage, Candace 9781553655886 Trade Paperback Greystone Books 4/1/2011
Philosopher Fish, The
Carey, Richard Adams 9781582431734 Hardcover Counterpoint 2/9/2005
Our Ecological Footprint
Wackernagel, Mathis 9780865713123 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 7/1/1998
More Good News
Suzuki, David 9781553654759 Trade Paperback Greystone Books 5/18/2010
Living Downstream
Steingraber, Sandra 9780306818691 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 3/23/2010
How Bad Are Bananas?
Berners-Lee, Mike 9781553658313 Trade Paperback Greystone Books 4/1/2011
Hands on Environmentalism
Haglund, Brent 9781594030857 Trade Paperback Encounter Books 10/1/2005
Green Alaska
Lord, Nancy 9781582430782 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 3/16/2000
Great Lakes, The
Grady, Wayne 9781553658047 Trade Paperback Greystone Books 5/17/2011
Great Global Warming Blunder, The
Spencer, Roy 9781594033735 Hardcover Encounter Books 4/13/2010
Fishcamp Life on an Alaskan Shore
Lord, Nancy 9781582430706 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 3/16/2000
Evolution's Edge
Taylor, Graeme 9780865716087 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 7/1/2008
Energy of Slaves, The
Nikiforuk, Andrew 9781553659785 Hardcover Greystone Books 9/18/2012
(1st Edition)
Lappe, Frances Moore 9781568587431 Trade Paperback Nation Books 4/23/2013
Eating Fossil Fuels
Pfeiffer, Dale Allen 9780865715653 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 10/1/2006
Earth Repair
Darwish, Leila 9780865717299 Trade Paperback New Society Publishers 6/25/2013
Dumping in Dixie
Bullard, Robert D. 9780813367927 Trade Paperback Westview Press 3/24/2000
Drift Ice
Atkinson, Jennifer 9780979745003 Trade Paperback Etruscan Press 4/1/2008
Dam Nation
Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo 9781932360806 Trade Paperback Soft Skull Press 3/29/2007