Science and Advanced Math: Environmental Conservation and Protection

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Autobiography of John Muir, An
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Let It Shine
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Future Primal
Herman, Louis 9781608681150 Trade Paperback New World Library 3/19/2013
Too Many People?
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Blue Covenant
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Gone Tomorrow
Rogers, Heather 9781595581204 Trade Paperback New Press, The 9/1/2006
Wisdom for a Livable Planet
McDaniel, Carl 9781595340092 Trade Paperback Trinity University Press 3/17/2005
Deeply Rooted
Hamilton, Lisa 9781593761806 Hardcover Counterpoint 5/1/2009
Essential Agrarian Reader, The
Wirzba, Norman 9781593760434 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 8/5/2004
Last Call at the Oasis
Participant Media 9781586489786 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 4/24/2012
Early Warming
Lord, Nancy 9781582438023 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 1/10/2012
Nature as Measure
Jackson, Wes 9781582437002 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 10/11/2011
Early Warming
Lord, Nancy 9781582434490 Hardcover Counterpoint 1/1/2011
Place in Space, A
Snyder, Gary 9781582434124 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 6/28/2008
Quarter-Acre Farm, The
Warren, Spring 9781580053402 Trade Paperback Seal Press 3/15/2011
Coal Country
Burns, Shirley 9781578051663 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 11/24/2009
Hey Mr. Green
Schildgen, Bob 9781578051434 Trade Paperback Sierra Club/Counterpoint 3/17/2008
Active Hope
Macy, Joanna 9781577319726 Trade Paperback New World Library 3/13/2012
Future of Nature, The
Lopez, Barry 9781571313065 Trade Paperback Milkweed Editions 8/28/2007
Toward the Livable City
Buchwald, Emilie 9781571312716 Trade Paperback Milkweed Editions 11/26/2003
Tropic of Chaos
Parenti, Christian 9781568587295 Trade Paperback Nation Books 9/4/2012
Ahl, Lindsay 9781566891547 Trade Paperback Coffee House Press 5/1/2004
Blue Gold
Barlow, Maude 9781565848139 Trade Paperback New Press, The 9/1/2005
Swimming in Circles
Molyneaux, Paul 9781560257561 Trade Paperback Basic Books 1/9/2007
Modern Homestead
Wilkinson, Renee 9781555917487 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 5/10/2011
Stop Global Warming, Second Edition
David, Laurie 9781555916992 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 7/23/2008
Land Circle, Anniversary Edition
Hasselstrom, Linda M. 9781555916961 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 11/1/2008
Wilderness Management, 4th Edition
Hendee, John C. 9781555916824 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 11/1/2008
Our Wilderness
Scott, Doug 9781555916411 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 5/1/2009
Red Alert!
Wildcat, Daniel R. 9781555916374 Trade Paperback Fulcrum Publishing 11/1/2009