Religion: Eastern Religion

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
And Live Rejoicing
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Tracking Bodhidharma
Ferguson, Andy 9781582438252 Hardcover Counterpoint 5/8/2012
Galaxy of Immortal Women, A
Griffith, Brian 9781935259145 Trade Paperback Exterminating Angel Press 5/8/2012
Then We Were One
Reed, Fred 9780889226678 Trade Paperback Talonbooks 3/13/2012
Dogen's Genjo Koan
Dogen, Eihei 9781582437439 Hardcover Counterpoint 1/3/2012
Religious Art of Zen Master Hakuin, The
Yoshizawa, Katsuhiro 9781582436357 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 12/1/2010
Are We There Yet?
Matthiessen, Peter 9781582436302 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 11/1/2010
Religious Art of Zen Master Hakuin, The
Yoshizawa, Katsuhiro 9781582434544 Hardcover Counterpoint 4/14/2009
Zen Baggage
Pine, Red 9781593761325 Hardcover Counterpoint 12/16/2008
Platform Sutra, The
Pine, Red 9781593761776 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 11/28/2008
Miniatures of a Zen Master
Aitken, Robert 9781582434414 Hardcover Counterpoint 9/1/2008
Hungry Ghosts
Dunlap, Susan 9781582434179 Hardcover Counterpoint 6/28/2008
Old Tea Seller, The
Baisao 9781582434131 Hardcover Counterpoint 5/28/2008
Heart Sutra, The
Pine, Red 9781593760090 Hardcover Counterpoint 8/31/2004
Fruitful Darkness, The
Halifax, Joan 9780802140715 Trade Paperback Grove Press 3/15/2004
Morning Star, The
Aitken, Robert 9781593760014 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 10/1/2003
Lifetime of Peace, A
Willis, Jennifer 9781569244418 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 9/25/2003
Heritage of the Bhikkhu, The
Rahula, Walpola 9780802140234 Trade Paperback Grove Press 8/26/2003
Sake and Satori
Campbell, Joseph 9781577312369 Hardcover New World Library 11/13/2002
Baksheesh and Brahman
Campbell, Joseph 9781577312376 Hardcover New World Library 8/13/2002
Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God
Blank, Jonah 9780802137333 Trade Paperback Grove Press 10/26/2000