Religion: Biblical Studies

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Bible, The
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Thou Art That
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Criticism of Theology
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Art of Biblical Poetry, The
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Criticism of Religion
Boer, Roland 9781608461226 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 6/14/2011
Art of Biblical Narrative, The
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Literary Bible, A
Rosenberg, David 9781582436197 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 11/1/2010
Literary Bible, A
Rosenberg, David 9781582435145 Hardcover Counterpoint 10/20/2009
Bible, The
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Friendship of Women, The
Chittister, Joan 9781933346021 Trade Paperback BlueBridge 4/1/2006
Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Berry, Wendell 9781593761004 Trade Paperback Counterpoint 10/4/2005
Book of J, The
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