Psychology: Psychoanalysis

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Creatures of a Day
(1st Edition)
Yalom, Irvin D. 9780465029648 Hardcover Basic Books 2/24/2015
Psychodynamic Counselling Primer, The
Klein, Mavis 9781898059851 Trade Paperback PCCS Books 4/29/2014
Introducing the Freud Wars
Wilson, Stephen 9781848314115 Trade Paperback Icon Books 1/1/2013
Love's Executioner
(2nd Edition)
Yalom, Irvin D. 9780465020119 Trade Paperback Basic Books 6/5/2012
Introducing Melanie Klein
Hinshelwood, Robert 9781848312135 Trade Paperback Icon Books 7/19/2011
Introducing Psychoanalysis
Ward, Ivan 9781848312104 Trade Paperback Icon Books 6/14/2011
Introducing Lacan
Leader, Darian 9781848311831 Trade Paperback Icon Books 9/7/2010
Interpretation of Dreams, The
Freud, Sigmund 9780465019779 Trade Paperback Basic Books 2/23/2010
Dream of Undying Fame, A
(1st Edition)
Breger, Louis 9780465017355 Hardcover Basic Books 8/25/2009
Bailly, Lionel 9781851686377 Trade Paperback Oneworld Publications 5/1/2009
Introducing Jung
Hyde, Maggie 9781848310100 Trade Paperback Icon Books 12/15/2004
Ward, Ivan 9781840464429 Trade Paperback Icon Books 7/23/1999
Yalom Reader, The
Yalom, Irvin D. 9780465036103 Trade Paperback Basic Books 2/21/1998
Kennedy, Roger 9781840462739 Trade Paperback Icon Books 10/16/1997
Borossa, Julia 9781840462425 Trade Paperback Icon Books 3/18/1997
Singh, Kalu 9781840461909 Trade Paperback Icon Books 10/29/1996
Existential Psychoanalysis
Sartre, Jean-Paul 9780895267023 Trade Paperback Gateway Editions 9/3/1996