Psychology: Social Psychology

Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
We Believe the Children
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Trauma and Recovery
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Tell, The
(1st Edition)
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Social Psychology
(8th Edition)
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(1st Edition)
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Tell Indian Edition, The
(1st Edition)
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Tell, The
(1st Edition)
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Rational Animal, The
(1st Edition)
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Power, Interest and Psychology
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Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life
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Convivial Toolbox
Sanders, Liz 9789063692841 Hardcover BIS Publishers 1/8/2013
Alone Together
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Not by Chance Alone
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Psychology of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The
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Psychology of Twilight, The
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Introducing Sport Psychology
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American Ways, Third Edition
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Worlds in Harmony
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Political Brain, The
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Hidden Persuaders, The
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Exploring Culture
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Trauma and Recovery
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Creativity in Context
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Culture of Honor
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Nazi Doctors, The
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