Psychology: General

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Burning All Illusions
Edwards, David 9780896085312 Trade Paperback South End Press 7/1/1999
Ward, Ivan 9781840464429 Trade Paperback Icon Books 7/23/1999
Mother on the Other Side of the World, The
Hall, James Baker 9781889330310 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 8/1/1999
Montgomery, Bob 9781555612399 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 1/22/2000
Comprehensive Guide To Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Weissman, Myrna M. 9780465095667 Hardcover Basic Books 2/11/2000
Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality
Freud, Sigmund 9780465097081 Trade Paperback Basic Books 2/18/2000
Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara 9780738203188 Trade Paperback Basic Books 2/18/2000
Post-trauma Stress
Parkinson, Frank 9781555612498 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 2/22/2000
Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse
Ainscough, Carolyn 9781555612252 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 4/22/2000
Transforming Power of Affect: A Model for Accelerated Change, The
Fosha, Diana 9780465095674 Hardcover Basic Books 5/5/2000
Witch Must Die: The Hidden Meaning of Fairy Tales, The
Cashdan, Sheldon 9780465008964 Trade Paperback Basic Books 7/7/2000
Psychological Birth of the Human Infant Symbiosis and Individuation, The
Mahler, Margaret S. 9780465095544 Trade Paperback Basic Books 7/13/2000
Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning
Frankl, Victor 9780738203546 Trade Paperback Basic Books 8/11/2000
Frankl, Viktor 9780738203553 Trade Paperback Basic Books 8/11/2000
Interpersonal World of the Infant a View From Psychoanalysis and Developmental Psychology, The
Stern, Daniel N. 9780465095896 Trade Paperback Basic Books 10/13/2000
Orphaned Adult, The
Levy, Alexander 9780738203614 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 10/19/2000
Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse Workbook
Ainscough, Carolyn 9781555612900 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 12/28/2000
Third Age, The
Sadler, William 9780738204345 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 1/11/2001
What's Holding You Back? Eight Critical Choices for Women's Success
Austin, Linda 9780465032631 Trade Paperback Basic Books 2/19/2001
Universe of Consciousness How Matter Becomes Imagination, A
Edelman, Gerald 9780465013777 Trade Paperback Basic Books 2/28/2001
Conceptual Blockbusting
(4th Edition)
Adams, James L. 9780738205373 Trade Paperback Basic Books 10/30/2001
Way of Transition, The
Bridges, William 9780738205298 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 12/6/2001
After Suicide
Ross, E. Betsy 9780738205960 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 1/4/2002
Dual Disorders
Daley, Dennis 9781568388021 Trade Paperback Hazelden 3/7/2002
Day the Voices Stopped, The
Steele, Ken 9780465082278 Trade Paperback Basic Books 5/9/2002
Exploring Culture
Hofstede, Gert Jan 9781877864902 Trade Paperback Intercultural Press 8/1/2002
Positive Power of Negative Thinking, The
Norem, Julie 9780465051397 Trade Paperback Basic Books 9/5/2002
Cosmic Cow
Eisenstein, Sam 9781931243452 Trade Paperback Green Integer 11/1/2002
Unmarried to Each Other
Solot, Dorian 9781569245668 Trade Paperback Da Capo Press 11/14/2002
Truth Will Set You Free, The
Miller, Alice 9780465045853 Trade Paperback Basic Books 12/10/2002
Basic Freud
Kahn, Michael 9780465037162 Trade Paperback Basic Books 12/18/2002