Philosophy: Political Philosophy

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Lenin Rediscovered
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Deleting the State
Skoble, Aeon 9780812696141 Trade Paperback Open Court 4/28/2008
Collier, Andrew 9781851685349 Trade Paperback Oneworld Publications 3/11/2008
Introducción al Pensamiento Socialista
Kohan, Néstor 9781921235528 Trade Paperback Ocean Sur 9/1/2007
Quotable Atheist, The
Huberman, Jack 9781560259695 Trade Paperback Nation Books 12/21/2006
Chomsky—Foucault Debate, The
Chomsky, Noam 9781595581341 Trade Paperback New Press, The 9/1/2006
Socialismo, Liberacion y Democracia
Martínez Heredia, Fernando 9781920888831 Trade Paperback Ocean Press 9/1/2006
Communist Manifesto, The
Gasper, Phil 9781931859257 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 10/1/2005
Dishwashers, The
Panych, Morris 9780889225244 Trade Paperback Talonbooks 9/15/2005
Marx, Engels y la Condición Humana
Hart, Armando 9781920888206 Trade Paperback Ocean Press 9/1/2005
Ecology of Freedom, The
Bookchin, Murray 9781904859260 Trade Paperback AK Press 7/1/2005
Theory of Revolution in the Young Marx, The
Löwy, Michael 9781931859196 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 6/1/2005
Subject Matter
Wormser, Baron 9781889330983 Trade Paperback Sarabande Books 2/1/2004
War, Peace, and Non-Violence
Shirazi, Imam Muhammad 9781879402836 Trade Paperback Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an 9/10/2003
What is Anarchism?
Berkman, Alexander 9781902593708 Trade Paperback AK Press 7/1/2003
Conservative Mind, The
(7th Edition)
Kirk, Russell 9780895261717 Trade Paperback Regnery Publishing 9/1/2001
Science, Politics and Gnosticism
Voegelin, Eric 9780895264190 Trade Paperback Gateway Editions 6/1/1997
Edmund Burke: Selected Writings and Speeches
Burke, Edmund 9780895264077 Trade Paperback Gateway Editions 6/1/1997
Antoinette Brown Blackwell
Cazden, Elizabeth 9780935312041 Trade Paperback The Feminist Press at CUNY 1/1/1993
Philosophy of Law
Murphy, Jeffrie G. 9780813308487 Trade Paperback Westview Press 12/4/1989