American History: 21st Century

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Title Main Author ISBN Format Publisher Published
Letters from Mississippi
Martínez, Elizabeth 9781938890024 Trade Paperback Zephyr Press 4/1/2014
Ending the War in Iraq
Hayden, Tom 9781933354453 Trade Paperback Akashic Books 6/1/2007
Wake Up, You're Liberal
Rall, Ted 9781932360226 Trade Paperback Soft Skull Press 5/14/2004
St. Clair, Jeffrey 9781849351102 Trade Paperback AK Press 5/15/2012
Uses of a Whirlwind
Van Meter, Kevin 9781849350167 Trade Paperback AK Press 8/1/2010
Seven Sins of Wall Street, The
Ivry, Bob 9781610393652 Hardcover PublicAffairs 3/11/2014
Next America, The
Taylor, Paul 9781610393508 Hardcover PublicAffairs 3/4/2014
Great Railroad Revolution, The
Wolmar, Christian 9781610393478 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 10/8/2013
Big Money
Vogel, Kenneth 9781610393386 Hardcover PublicAffairs 6/3/2014
Blackman, Josh 9781610393287 Hardcover PublicAffairs 9/10/2013
Betrayal of the American Dream, The
Barlett, Donald 9781610393201 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 10/22/2013
Money Well Spent?
Grabell, Michael 9781610390095 Hardcover PublicAffairs 1/31/2012
Occupying Wall Street
for the 99%, Writers 9781608462513 Trade Paperback Haymarket Books 4/3/2012
Uncle Swami
Prashad, Vijay 9781595587848 Hardcover New Press, The 6/5/2012
Challenging China
Hom, Sharon 9781595584168 Trade Paperback New Press, The 8/31/2008
Cold War Triumphalism
Schrecker, Ellen 9781595580832 Trade Paperback New Press, The 6/30/2006
Gray Lady Down
McGowan, William 9781594034862 Hardcover Encounter Books 11/16/2010
Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown, The
Morris, Charles R. 9781586486914 Trade Paperback PublicAffairs 2/10/2009
American Way of Poverty, The
(1st Edition)
Abramsky, Sasha 9781568587264 Hardcover Nation Books 9/10/2013
Main Street Moment, The
(1st Edition)
McEntee, Gerald 9781568587219 Trade Paperback Nation Books 6/12/2012
American Way of Poverty, The
Abramsky, Sasha 9781568584607 Trade Paperback Nation Books 8/26/2014
Millhiser, Ian 9781568584560 Hardcover Nation Books 3/24/2015
They Know Everything about You
Scheer, Robert 9781568584522 Hardcover Nation Books 2/24/2015
Fighting Words
Morgan, Robin 9781560259480 Trade Paperback Nation Books 8/25/2006
Imperial America
Vidal, Gore 9781560257448 Trade Paperback Nation Books 8/17/2005
Ideal Theater, An
London, Todd 9781559364096 Trade Paperback Theatre Communications Group 10/8/2013
Frank's Home
Nelson, Richard 9781559363815 Trade Paperback Theatre Communications Group 7/5/2011
Humpty Dumpty and Other Plays
Bogosian, Eric 9781559362511 Trade Paperback Theatre Communications Group 12/1/2004
Dream Homes
Zonana, Joyce 9781558615731 Trade Paperback The Feminist Press at CUNY 8/1/2008
Decade of Fear
Shephard, Michelle 9781553656586 Hardcover Douglas & McIntyre 9/13/2011