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The Age of the Warrior

Selected Essays by Robert Fisk

By Robert Fisk

About the Book

Robert Fisk has amassed a massive and devoted global readership with his eloquent and far-ranging articles on international politics. Now, for the first time, his brave and incisive essays have been collected in a single volume that ranges in scope from the recent war in Lebanon to the rise of Hamas; from the invasion of Kuwait to the looting of Baghdad; from America’s imperial ambitions to the inescapable influence of the Treaty of Versailles. Taken together, these articles form an unparalleled account of our war-torn recent history.



About the Author

Robert Fisk is the Middle East correspondent of the Independent (London). Fisk holds more journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent for his reporting. He is also the author of The Point of No Return: The Strike which Broke the British in Ulster and In Time of War: Ireland, Ulster and the Price of Neutrality 1939–1945.