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Mark #37

Mark #37

Another Architecture: Issue 37: April/May
June 2012
Trade Paperback · 224 Pages
$19.95 U.S. · $21.99 CAN
ISBN 9789077174661
Frame Publishers


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Construction boom in Georgia, perspectives on architecture of Georgia, library in Stuttgart makes visitors yearn for Italy, how architecture makes good fiction, a new Chilean campus brings students and teachers together, a green façade in Tokyo, and plagiarism in the modernization of Chinas architecture.
Mark: Another Architecture is a bi-monthly international trade journal featuring exceptional architecture projects. Launched six years ago by the makers of Frame, Mark takes a radical and international approach to architecture, showcasing the best new work from every corner of the world.
Viewing the magazine as a visual medium, Mark attempts to avoid jargon and academicism, opting instead for direct communication. Ever curious, Mark wants to uncover architects motivations and use them to inspire. We dare you to try to find an international architecture journal that fills more of its pages with interviews than Mark.
Mark shines its spotlight on starchitects and new talent alike. Mark explores the boundaries of architecture and anticipates whats heating up around the next corner. Mark takes a radical and international approach to architecture, showcasing the best work from every corner of the world.
What readers will find in each issue of Mark:
Notice Board: Pinned to Marks Notice Board are eye-grabbing images and memos sighted on architects drawing boards worldwide. Cross Section: Cutting-edge articles whisk readers to the outer reaches of architecture and beyond. Viewpoint: The ideas of both young architects and experienced mavericks appear in this section. Long Section: Articles on new buildings; letters reflecting the state of affairs in urban design; and reports on fascinating phenomena, from cosmic architecture to treetop living. Service Area: Concluding the magazine are interviews involving literature, product development, and building technology.

About the Authors

Robert Thiemann: Robert Thiemann is editor in chief and founded Frame magazine together with publisher Peter Huiberts
David Keuning: David Keuning is an architect who primarily writes, or a journalist who happens to have studied architecture. After follo