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Elephant #4

Elephant #4

The Art & Visual Culture Magazine: Issue 4: Fall 2010
December 2010
Trade Paperback · 208 Pages
$19.99 U.S. · $24.50 CAN
ISBN 9789077174371
Frame Publishers


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This issue of Elephant features topics ranging from The Last Nights of Paris to Rick Potner: Where is Art Now?

Elephant— a quarterly magazine from the makers of Frame—focuses its keen eye on art and visual culture. Lately, creative individuals have been protesting against the corporate nature of things, often taking the initiative and setting up new independent ventures. Elephant looks at how it’s done. Elephant visits art and design studios, peers over shoulders, steps on graffiti artists’ toes, disturbs rehearsals, interrupts takes, rides fixed-gear bikes, and plays the latest computer games.

Elephant’s tone of voice is direct, sincere and multidisciplinary. Elephant believes it’s time for less cynicism and more encouragement for outbursts of spontaneity—think of those that gave birth to futurism, dadaism and surrealism.

Elephant is the first and only visually oriented art magazine that features over two hundred pages of high-quality, up-to-date, original creative material from all over the world.

What readers will find in each issue of Elephant:

Meetings: This section focuses on ideas, personalities, and cultures.

Research: Shines a light on forecasts, movements, and styles. "Studio Visits" includes chats in ateliers, garages, and back gardens.

Economies: Looks at how people started their businesses, from initial ideas to actual plans and bank loans.

Cities: Highlights creative cities around the globe, sharing images, characters, and special stories.

About the Author

Marc Valli is a writer, founder of the retail chain Magma, and founder of Elephant magazine.