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Colour Hunting

Colour Hunting

How Colour Influences What We Buy, Make and Feel
August 2011
Hardcover · 240 Pages
$59.00 U.S. · $71.95 CAN
ISBN 9789077174272
Frame Publishers



Color plays a vital role in visual experiences. Professionals in design, fashion, architecture, and art are constantly exploring to find good solutions regarding color. In a globalizing world, color requires less time to "read" than any other means of communication.

Recent experiments by artists and designers reveal a never-ending fascination with and attraction to color. Research aimed at the urban environment shows how color identifies cultures and can be used to attract attention. Color provides more than a visual experience, however. Scientific studies have proved that other senses, such as touch and taste, are stimulated as well. Projects devoted to well-being and healing provide solid evidence of an increasing interest in color.

Colour Hunting: How Colour Influences What We Buy, Make and Feel presents projects—-all richly illustrated with photographs and drawings—-that pioneer techniques and experiments with fabrication processes on a small scale, with a do-it-yourself attitude as well as large-scale research projects on paints and coatings, carried out by international companies.

The book is divided into three chapters: commerce (sell, buy), aesthetics (make), and well-being (feel). Illustrated pages are followed by in-depth case studies and interviews regarding the use of color for these three purposes. Experts explain why color matters in branding and how knowledge of color and its effects determines the selection of colors that designers apply to their work and the materials involved. Colour Hunting also offers lucid insights into the work of international "trend teams."

Interviews with well-known professionals—including Issey Miyake, Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute, and Matthias Sauerbruch of Sauerbruch Hutton Architects—highlight the pages of this book.

Jeanne Tan has written for many international magazines, including Wallpaper*, i-D, and Metropolis.

About the Authors

Architectural, design and travel journalist Jeanne Tan has written for publications such as Wallpaper*, Surface, Metropolis, I.D., Bright, Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century Architecture, Time Out Amsterdam, Holland Herald (KLM), Mark and Frame. She is currently an editor of the Dutch design news website Design.nl and is the Europe correspondent for Inside Australian Design Review.

Designer Hedwig van Onna develops colour concepts for interior design, the health care industry, and multisensory projects. A graduate from the Design Academy Einhoven, van Onna now lectures at several Dutch Design Academies. She also curates and compiles the work of young designers and graduates. Together with Hanneke Kamphuis she has written editorials for Frame magazine and compiled the book Atmosphere: the shape of things to come.

Hanneke Kamphuis is a designer and design consultant focusing on designing prints and developing colour and material concepts. She graduated from ArtEz, the Arnhem Academy of Art, the fashion department.