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100 Posters / 134 Squirrels

100 Posters / 134 Squirrels

A Decade of Hot Dogs, Large Mammals, and Independent Rock: The Handcrafted Art of Jay Ryan
December 2010
Trade Paperback · 120 Pages
$22.95 U.S. · $27.95 CAN · €16.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781936070688
Akashic Books


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Not only a gorgeous catalog of the artists many memorable posters, but a history of sorts of the Chicago underground rock scene in the last 15 years.
—Chicago Sun-Times
“Ryan takes a distinctly rootsy, charmingly old-school approach to design at his Bird Machine print shop … Homespun never looked better.”
“Whimsically breathing a refreshing innocence against the ‘grab you by the eyeballs and squeeze’ icon exploitation of Coop, Frank Kozik and The Pizz, Ryan’s quiet sketch style and his hand-pulled Easter egg blues and canary yellows make for a softer, more subconscious concert poster experience.”
—The Pulse
“Jay Ryan’s decade of rock-postering has produced some superb and arresting work … I cannot think of a better visual advertisement for underground rock: posters that are wild, articulate, and well made; posters with both a heart and a brain.”
“Jay Ryan has been churning out some of the most consistent and engaging poster art anywhere for years … This is a well-put together, coffee table-style book that looks great in every respect but without the usual coffee table art book price tag.”
—The New Scheme
An updated greatest hits collection of Jay Ryans first decade of compelling posters, framed by essays from luminaries in the music and design worlds.
Jay Ryan has been making screen-printed concert posters in Chicago since 1995. Known for his hand-drawn type, humorous animal subjects, and muted color selections, he has worked for thousands of rock bands, as well as clients like Patagonia clothing, Converse shoes, Burton Snowboards, and the BBC. His second book, Animals and Objects In and Out of Water, was published in 2009 by Akashic Books. He lives in Chicago.

About the Authors

Jay Ryan: Jay Ryan has been making screen-printed concert posters in Chicago since 1995.