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Monster: Oil on Canvas

Monster: Oil on Canvas

April 2010
Trade Paperback · 356 Pages
$15.95 U.S. · $18.50 CAN
ISBN 9781935248095
Leapfrog Press


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“Marvelously original… . Zlotsky has done for conjoined twins what Günter Grass did for midgets in The Tin Drum… . A weirdly hilarious Russian fairytale composed with the comedic zeal of Gogol and the rhetorical brilliance of Nabokov.”—Lee Siegel, author of Love in a Dead Language

“Pure joy in language… . Nabokov’s Pale Fire mated with Finnegan’s Wake.” —Michael Drout, PhD, language scholar

Meet Alex and Alex, as compelling a Russian portrait as the two sides of Raskolnikov. He is—or they are—a dark-caped anti-hero, conjoined twins stalking, counterfeiting, fleeing the iron curtain, delightfully innocent, seeking what everyone seeks: love, hope, and redemption.

About the Author

Dmitry Zlotsky was born in 1960, in Moscow. Having graduated from college, he began working as a research scientist. In 1989 his Boeing-built "Santa Maria" landed in New York. He lives in New Jersey where he spends his spare time inventing puzzles and writing poetry in Russian and prose in English.