About the Book

Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

Fostering Conversations That Help Young Children Learn
May 2008
Trade Paperback · 200 Pages
$27.95 U.S.
ISBN 9781933653464
Redleaf Press


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Conversations take place in every early childhood classroom—between teachers and children, and among children. Are You Listening? asks teachers to examine these conversations and their impact on children’s learning.

Often, teachers use conversations to impart information to children instead of really listening to children and allowing them to make their own decisions. Grounded in child-centered, relationship-based theory, this book covers topics such as how to create an environment that supports quality conversations, how to encourage conversations that support learning and development, and how to work with children with limited language capabilities.

About the Author

Lisa Burman has been an educational consultant for schools in Manhattan and Australia, including a child care center for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. She began work in the field as a teacher and principal.