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Studies in the Horror Film
March 2012
Trade Paperback · 320 Pages
$30.00 U.S. · $32.99 CAN
ISBN 9781933618951
Centipede Press


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Released in 1976, Brian DePalma's adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie was marketed as a low-budget schlock film that garnered two Academy Award nominations and has become a much-studied and much-imitated classic. Joe Aisenberg's dissection of Carrie is, amazingly, the first book-length critical study on this film ever released. In fact, so little has been written on Carrie in a critical fashion that Joe found, to his delight and horror, that he had the field pretty much all to himself. He has conducted new interviews with Brian DePalma, screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen, and cast members, including cult legend P.J. Soles, with an in-depth analysis of plot and influence.