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Blue Stranger With Mosaic Background

Blue Stranger With Mosaic Background

April 2012
Trade Paperback · 128 Pages
$10.50 U.S. · $11.50 CAN
ISBN 9781933527604
Turtle Point Press


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Fast, obsessive, jumpy, tender, and joyful, the poems in Wayne Koestenbaum's Blue Stranger With Mosaic Background take his signature themes—stardom, scapegoating, aestheticism, nudism, exaltation—and cut them into serial strips: tidbits that employ techniques of pointillism, mosaic, grid, aphorism, litany, and philosophical investigation.

The luminaries in this memory-theater range from Yvonne de Carlo to Hannah Arendt. A trip to Venice and an invocation to an eschatological ice-cream man are the two longest trysts in a book exquisitely composed of "bits" that betoken a new brutalism in a writer known for svelte cadences and artful dodges.