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The Wrong End of the Rainbow

The Wrong End of the Rainbow

April 2005
Trade Paperback · 32 Pages
$9.95 U.S. · $12.00 CAN
ISBN 9781932511123
Sarabande Books


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“Wright has a hunk of the ineffable in his teeth and he won’t let go. In poem after poem, he plumbs our deepest relationships with nature, time, love, death, creation. Wright’s search breaks all the barriers of time, space, action, for its dramatic narrative simply refuses to acknowledge the usual unities, as though all time were this time, all places this place and all actions one.”—Philip Levine, from his citation for the 1996 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize.

Charles Wright was named chancellor of The Academy of American Poets in 1999 and has won a Pulitzer Prize, a National Book Critics Circle Prize and a Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Since 1983, he has been at the University of Virginia.

About the Author

Charles Wright was born in 1935. He attended Davidson College, The University of Iowa, and the University of Rome. He has taught at the University of California, Irvine; the University of Iowa; Princeton University; Columbia University; and Universita' Degli Studi, Florence, Italy. Since 1983, he has been at the University of Virginia.