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The Lunatic at Large

The Lunatic at Large

March 2007
Hardcover · 150 Pages
$18.00 U.S. · $23.50 CAN · £12.99 U.K. · €12.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781932416701


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The best-bred lunatics in England live in Clankwood, and Francis Beveridge is that community's newest resident. Rather than attending the asylum's Saturday dances, though, Beveridge goes on the lam in London. And thus, when a traveling German noble finds himself at the luxurious Hotel Mayonnaise without a guide to England's customs, who better to escort him than the amnesiac Englishman who materializes by his side? Beveridge provides the German with much useful knowledge, like giving a splendid tutor in bringing rail stations to a standstill, revealing the best way to fake a rabies attack, and showing how to crash London's most exclusive clubs — quite literally. A much-loved Victorian comic masterpiece, this is the original anarchic novel that ushered in the age of Wodehouse and Waugh.

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The Collins Library is a reprint series of undeservedly out-of-print literary works. Each title is selected and introduced by series founder and editor Paul Collins, author of Banvard's Folly, Not Even Wrong,and The Trouble with Tom. Usually, these are unusual books, once widely admired but somehow, for decades, forgotten. Each volume is newly edited and typeset, and bound in handsome cloth.

John Storer Clouston was born in Cumberland, England in 1870. Educated at the Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, and Magdelen College, Oxford, he served as a subcommissioner of the agricultural section of the National Service Department for Scotland during the First World War.