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The Age of Sinatra

The Age of Sinatra

July 2004
Trade Paperback · 168 Pages
$11.95 U.S. · £7.99 U.K. · €8.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781932360325
Soft Skull Press


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The Age of Sinatra is the long-awaited sequel to the 1972 sci-fi cult classic Motorman. Part political allegory, part science-fiction dystopia, the world David Ohle creates is disturbing, humorous, and oddly compelling. The novel catches up with the luckless protagonist Moldenke, after the most recent "Forgetting." Moldenke finds himself in possession only of his name and the bare facts of his former life while he cruises on the Titanic through an alternate reality where elective deformation is a fashion trend and grasshoppers are the main course. His travel mates are Ophelia Balls, an artist; Gerald Hilter, a journalist; Agnes Moldenke, his mother and the inventor of edible money; Dr. Burnheart, his old mentor; and a talkative neutrodyne named Hugo Vink. The Age of Sinatra is an entry in the new series Soft Skull ShortLit — Pocket Books for a New World.

About the Author

David Ohle's first novel, Motorman, was published by Knopf in 1972 under the now-legendary editorial aegis of Gordon Lish. His short fiction has appeared in Harper's, Esquire, the Paris Review, and elsewhere. He compiled and edited Cursed From Birth: the Short Unhappy Life of William S. Burroughs, Jr., published by Grove-Atlantic in 2002. A native of New Orleans, Ohle now lives in Lawrence, Kansas, and teaches at the University of Kansas. His last name rhymes with "holy." The Age of Sinatra, his long-awaited sequel to Motorman, is forthcoming in the spring of 2004 from Soft Skull Press and is timed to coincide with the reprinting of Motorman in paperback by 3rd Bed Books.