About the Book

How to Get Stupid White Men out of Office

How to Get Stupid White Men out of Office

The Anti-Politics, Un-Boring Guide to Power
March 2004
Trade Paperback · 160 Pages
$12.95 U.S. · €9.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781932360080
Soft Skull Press


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Anyone can rant against the current state of American democracy. Anyone can talk trash about politicians, or bemoan the apathy of the electorate. How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office is a guide to getting off one's cynical duff and actually effecting positive change through the electoral process. Editor William Upski Wimsatt created the League of Youth Voters, a political action committee designed to raise awareness amongst younger demographics and support candidates on a country-, state-, and city-wide basis. This book tells the stories of how of these marginalized voters — such as gays, punks, blacks, and Latinos — organized to make the winning difference in contested legislative and electoral races across the country. To prepare readers for the 2004 elections, this book lists potentially close races, provides maps of key swing states and districts, lists 800 people under 35 in office, and examines youth voter turnout and impact.

About the Authors

A 29-year-old native of Chicago, William Upski Wimsatt ("Billy") is an artist, journalist, author, entrepreneur, multi-issue organizer, philanthropist, organization-builder and lecturer. Wimsatt became one of Chicago's most infamous graffiti writers as a youngster. At age 16, he became a columnist for the Source, a national hip-hop magazine and has written for Chicago Tribune, Adbusters, Vibe, XXL, and Utne Reader. He was named a Younger Scholar by the National Endowment for the Humanities and in 1998, he served as a the National Talent Scout for MTV's Rock the Vote. His second book No More Prisons won The Firecracker Alternative Book Award in 2000. He has spoken at dozens of colleges including: Harvard, Yale, Swarthmore, and Amherst, as well as conferences, bookstores, and subway stations. In 1996, he was the youngest person named a "Visionary" by Utne Reader. Wimsatt is co-founder of three active non-profits organizations and serves on the boards of four others.