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Mortal Crimes

Mortal Crimes

The Greatest Theft in History: The Soviet Penetration of the Manhattan Project
July 2007
Hardcover · 280 Pages
$27.00 U.S. · $32.50 CAN
ISBN 9781929631292
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Nigel West has studied the recently revealed documents about Soviet espionage against the Western Allies during and after World War II and has for the first time painted the complete picture of how the Soviet Union stole the secrets of the atomic bomb. The investigations by the British, Canadian, and US Military counterintelligence services through the Venona intercepts are placed in proper context and made intelligible by a master espionage history writer. What is revealed is the extent of the penetration by the NKVD and KGB of the most secret technologies of the era and how the West protected itself. A new and revised edition.

About the Author

Nigel West is a former officer of the British secret intelligence service, MI6, and conservative party member of the British Parliament. He has written extensively on espionage and counterintelligence and given numerous lectures on those subjects.