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Retos de la transición socialista en Cuba (1961–1965)

Retos de la transición socialista en Cuba (1961–1965)

April 2009
Trade Paperback · 312 Pages
$19.95 U.S. · $21.95 CAN
ISBN 9781921438219
Ocean Sur


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Che’s most outstanding and original theoretical writing concerned questions of political economy and the process of transforming a society based on a capitalist mode of production into a socialist economy. As president of Cuba’s National Bank and head of the Ministry of Industry, Che also put these ideas into practice.

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Che Guevara was the legendary Latin American guerrilla fighter who joined the Cuban revolutionary movement that toppled the Batista dictatorship. He played a leading role in the early years of the Cuban Revolution and made an extraordinary and original contribution to Marxist theory. He died at the hands of CIA assassins in Bolivia in 1967. Maria del Carmen Ariet Garcia is a world-renown scholar of the works of Ernesto Che Guevara. She played a leading role in the research that led to the discovery of Che's remains in Bolivia in 1997. She now directs the work of the Che Guevara Studies Center in Havana.