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Latin America at the Crossroads

Latin America at the Crossroads

Domination, Crisis, Popular Movements, & Political Alternatives
November 2006
Trade Paperback · 264 Pages
$17.95 U.S. · $21.50 CAN
ISBN 9781920888718
Ocean Press


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“When denunciations of Yanqui imperialism in Latin America start coming from the presidential palaces as well as the streets, Washington needs to change its ways.”—The New York Times editorial, December 24, 2005

As resistance grows to Washington’s imposition of neoliberal policies, Cuban intellectual Roberto Regalado provides a sharp analysis of the issues underlying the conflicts between the United States and the countries of Latin America.

Regalado considers the significance of the recent election of a number of leftist governments and addresses the key question for Latin America today: reform or revolution?

In an authoritative review of the continual political crises, Regalado discusses the impact of the collapse of the socialist bloc, why socialism has survived in Cuba, and how the strengthening of popular struggles—from the water struggles in Bolivia to the landless movement in Brazil—has led to the strategic and tactical redefinition of political parties and other movements of the Left.

A fascinating book for scholars and anyone interested in Latin American politics today.

About the Author

Robert Regalado is one of Cuba's prominent intellectuals and commentators who has studied and written on Latin American politics for more than three decades. He was the author of "América Latina Entre Siglos" (also published by Ocean Press in English as "Latin America at the Crossroads"). He recently published: Encuentros y desencuentros de la izquierda latinoamericana.