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WF Massey: New Zealand

WF Massey: New Zealand

The Paris Peace Conferences of 1919–1923 and their Aftermath
April 2011
Hardcover · 220 Pages
$19.95 U.S. · $23.95 CAN
ISBN 9781905791835
Haus Publishing


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William Massey oversaw the dispatch of a hundred thousand New Zealanders, including his own sons, to the battlefields of World War I. Poised between loyalty to the Empire and its own interests, New Zealand gained a mandate over Western Samoa at Versailles—and then began to consider its own autonomy.

About the Author

JAMES WATSON is Senior Lecturer in History at Massey University. He has published numerous articles and books including Links: History of Transport and New Zealand Society and the entry on New Zealand in the Oxford History of the Modern World.