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Planet Ocean

Planet Ocean

Photo Stories from the ‘Defending Our Oceans’ Voyage
October 2007
Hardcover · 176 Pages
$34.95 U.S. · $42.00 CAN · €24.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781904456797
New Internationalist


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“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when clearly it is Ocean.”—Arthur C. Clarke 

Three-quarters of the planet is ocean, 80 percent of all life lives here, and every second breath of air each of us takes is provided by the ocean. It gives us so much, yet we know relatively little about it.

Planet Ocean is a window onto this secret world. Through stunning photographs, taken on a sixteen-month Defending Our Oceans expedition, Greenpeace reveals wonderful sights that few people have seen, and also some that certain people would like us not to see.

Despite the vastness of the oceans, we now know that they are in crisis, struggling to absorb the impact of our destructive ways. This is the story of our oceans—their extraordinary beauty and diversity of life—and the equally astounding ways in which they are exploited.

Millions have watched this story unfold, following the most ambitious ocean expedition ever undertaken by Greenpeace. It’s a photographic journey that reveals the mysteries of the deep, explores seamounts and their ecosystems, identifies the biggest predators, circles the corals, and breaks through the surface to meet the people whose lives depend on the oceans.

The photographs in this book are the work of a team of world-class photographers assigned to the Defending our Oceans expedition.

Sara Holden has worked for Greenpeace International since 2000. She previously worked for Reuters Television as a political journalist.

About the Authors

Sara Holden has worked for Greenpeace International since 2000. Prior to joining the international environmental organization in Amsterdam, she worked for Reuters Television as a political journalist in London and Northern Ireland. Todd's experience includes live photographic coverage of international events in over 30 countries. Current clients include Greenpeace USA, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Getty Images Sport, Land Rover, Jaguar of North America, ESPN The Magazine, The Sporting News, Newsweek, Alem International Management and Loyola Marymount University. His work as been published in countless publications around the world. Lester V. Ledesma has photographed stories that have appeared in international publications like COLORS Benetton, Silverkris and Asian Geographic. He is the 2002 ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) awardee for Excellence in Photography, and the Philippines' 2001 Kalakbay Travel Writer of the Year. Daniel Beltrá has documented a number of Greenpeace expeditions. His work has appeared in TIME, Business Week, Der Spiegel, Geo, Paris Match, Stern, and many others. He recently won a 2007 World Press Photo Award.